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Welcome to T.A.D.ay in the Life!

Welcome to T.A.D.ay in the Life!
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Monday, October 16, 2006

Eatin' Sleepin Poopin'?? Letters???

Ok, we've been working working working on our letters in school. Everyone can now spell their names, and I'm SO stinkin proud. I'm posting some pictures of their handy work. Anyway, Dylan went potty, and said "Mommy, Come Here!!!" I said "Im coming." (however, I was on the potty too, and wasn't actually running there at the time. He said again, "Mommy, COME HERE!!!" and I said "I'm coming!" and he ever so observantly said "No You're NOT!" LOL, So I said, "you're right, but I'll be there in a minute!!" So, I ran there, and he was in the other bathroom and was standing there waiting for me to wipe his bottom. BUTT, it wasn't only that. :) He was saying LOOK LOOK. And I looked in the potty and he said "it's a V!!!" Actually it was a Y a perfectly pooped Y!!! And dumby me, flushed before I thought to take a picture!!!! What was I thinking!?!?!?!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

SO much fun!!

We had SO much fun today. Let me tell you, it did not start out that way, nor was it planned!! We had school today (yes, even though it's saturday - we slacked a couple of days this week, so we were making up). After we did a couple of things, I read a book about leaves, and different kinds of leaves, how they grow, why they change color, etc. Then I wasn't feeling to great, and thought maybe it was from the Remicade, and that I just needed fresh air. I told the kids, let's get our jackets on and go for a walk.. We can collect some leaves or something. We went out and it was so nice, and there were some pretty yellow mums, so I went back to get my camera so we could take some nice fall pictures. We walked and picked up leaves and just were having fun. We went to the train tracks and took some pictures. Trevor saw the "country store" across the river and wanted to know if we could go there. I thought, "ok." Well, for those of you who don't know our town, there is a pretty big (not huge, but with 3 five year olds, it is) Bridge going over the river to the other side where the store is. So, I made them walk single file holding each others shirts and I walked on the outside of them and we went on over. We watched the Canal Boat take off (with mules pulling it) we went to the country store, and some ladies we had been talking to asked if they could buy them some ice cream, and then we went through the old mill and saw LOTS of neat things, and even got to make something. It turned into a real learning experience. A regular old field trip!! When we got home, I asked Dave since it was so nice out, if we could , as a family, go to the Farm the next town over and let the kids pick a pumpkin in the pumpkin patch and let them ride the kiddie "cow train" at the farm. To my surprise, he said YES. Oh we had soooo much fun. They had tons of stuff for the kids to do for free. A "hay maze" they crawled through, a "jumpy thing" a big slide with two sides. One side was made entirely out of pvc pipes, and the other was a big black tube-like thing (I think like a water... know, the stuff you put under ground) LOL, the kids had a blast. They went on the cow train, and picked a pumpkin and we ALL went on a hayride. It was the best most beautiful hayride I've ever been on. It was an amazing day. We stopped at KFC on the way home to take it home. We were ALL starving!!! So, we stopped and got some french fries at McDonalds to eat on the way home (we had about 1/2 hr. drive ha ha) We put a blanket on the floor of the living room and had an "indoor picnic." We all pretty much FELL into bed. It was so much fun. SO much.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Week of October 9 - Hearts and Remicade

Ok, we had a bit of a scare with Abbey. The last checkup the kids had the dr. found a murmer with Abbey. I wasn't really concerned, I just thought "ok, we'll just go do this and they'll say it's all ok, and we'll move on." However, they called last week and said "she has a small/fine hole in her heart it appears, and we'd like her to see the cardiologist." SO, I'm like OK...... hmmm..... But I still didn't feel that nervous. That girl RUNS everywhere she goes. She doesn't know the meaning of the word walk. ya know? So, Tuesday the 10th, we went to see the Cardiologist, and he was with us for about an hour and had other stuff done too, so we were there for 2 hours!!!!!! She did so well. He said she was his best and favorite patient of the day. In the end he told me that yes, there is a small hole, however, it should take care of itself. He wants us back in 9 months. The other concern orig. that I didn't realize was that they thought one of her ventricals was narrowed, which would have been a huge bad prob. He had the tech do the Echo again while he stood there. And he said "no, I do not see a narrowing at all." God is good. Was she healed? Was it never there? It doesn't matter. God gave me my miracle babies and I refuse to let anyone tell me that there is anything seriously wrong with them now! :) SO there!!!! Also, my new GI is Awesome!!! Within two months, he saw me, (and was sooooo kind and caring), Got me in for a colonoscopy (ugh), got me on some new meds, and botta boom batta bing, scheduled me for Remicade just like THAT. I had my first IV infusion this Thursday. The bills will start piling up, but it's amazing how fast he's taking care of things, after the quack that I was seeing putzed around forever!!!

It's Been TOOOOO Long

Goodness Ya'll!! I can't believe I haven't been on here for TWO WHOLE MONTHS. Life had been absolutely crazy for us!! Some good, some bad, some just plain nuts. I'll just throw out some updates, and funnies and play catch up. Let's see. August was just plain busy. I don't really remember it much. LOL September, my mom came and stayed two and a half weeks with us. It was GREAT. The trio and I took her home and then stayed there for a few days. I ended up sick one night, so it was a little uncomfortable. But we had a good time, and when we came home I busted a move on their school room. It looks awesome. I'll post some pictures soon. So that leads me to my lovely Colonoscopy and the entire family getting the flu in the same week!!!!!! The following week we watched a little boy for a friend (20month old). He was SO cute. The first morning he was with us, Dylan asked me "Mom, can we get one of these?" ha ha OH, there are so many things I've missed over the last two months! I feel lost! But I'm back in action, and hope to keep up with all our funnies and "moments" in our house. I have to tell you. My mom and dad came this past weekend. After breakfast on Saturday, mom, dad and I and the kids went to Walmart for some things we needed. We had eaten a big breakfast, but as we left Walmart, my little munch-hounds wanted Lunch already. Trevor had eaten the most at breakfast, and Mammie had bought "Crunch and Munch" for everyone. I asked Trev "do you want something from Burger King too? or just your snack?" He said "just my snack" So I go and get Abbey and Dylan something and we move on to go home. We are 5 miles or so away, and I hear this little voice in the back say "mom? where's my lunch?" UGH. I said "honey, I thought you just wanted your snack? Do you want something from BK?" And he just looked out the window and said "Just Forgive it!" (forget it) :) My heart broke! I felt bad not getting something for my baby boy. So, we went back and got him something too. We had a fun day though. When we were driving down the road, dad spilled his "Crunch and Munch" all over the van floor and we both just went "OOOOHHHH!" then looked at each other and cracked up! It was just a good time together. When we got home mom, dad and I watched the kids ride their bikes in the parking lot and then got tools out for the Dylan and then everyone else to take apart a wagon we don't use. (I have pics of that too, I'll post them when I get them developed it was cute) We then carved pumpkins and decorated our porch. SUNDAY was the Applebutter Festival here in town. It draws like 60,000 people to our little Village!!! It's amazing. I made chili, and wade jill and Kevin all came over to eat with us. Everything was great. We were ready to go walk, and dad got sick!!! UGH what an ending to a great weekend. We walked while he stayed here and puked. UGH UGH UGH!!!!!!!!! I'll update more from this past week in the next blog.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Dirty Money

Ha ha, the kids and I went out "runnin around" today, and when we're pulling down our road, the kids saw some other kids selling lemonade by the road. SO, of course, they wanted to go get some. Well, we had just been to get the oil changed, four new tires on the car and some runnin around before we leave for camp. WELL, while we were at TireMan, waiting on tires, they wanted some Reese's Peice's out of the little machine, so we got some. When it was time to go, Trevor had not eaten his, and so I quickly just put it in my pocket and we took off. SO, back to the Lemonade Stand.......I went to pull some change out of my pocket, and discovered that Reese's Peices were melted all over my change, and MY PHONE!!! So, I was wiping a quarter off, and Dylan yells down the road to the girls and says "Just a minute girls, our money is dirty!!"

Thursday, July 20, 2006

What a Week this has been!!!

Ok, Monday, was OK. Not really very eventful. As a matter of fact, I can't even remember at this point, if ANYTHING even happened, except my first appointment to the Pain Management Doctor. (more to come on that later!) However, on Tuesaday, things got pretty hairy around here. In the morning the neighbor girls came over to play, and while they were here, the kids were running around having a good time, and then the boys.....well, Dylan was coming up the hallway full speed, and Trevor was coming through the living room at full speed, and of course, the two met in the middle, HEAD ON, HARD!!!! They hit head to eye and boom, both fell back flat on their backs! They immediately started to scream and then cry. I picked them both up and held them and we rocked, and like TWO seconds later, they started to fall asleep! I was worried about that, so I had Dave call the ER and ask them about it. He talked to the Nursing supervisor on duty, and she told us what to watch for. Needless to say, the boys were up and running in about 5 minutes. Goose eggs on their little heads, but doing fine. Part two of our day... We all decided to go for a walk. Me the kids and the girls. So, we're about halfway to downtown, and Dylan falls. He's ok. We get a little further, and he tripped on the uneven sidewalk and all was NOT well. He scraped his knee up pretty good. UGH. So, we went to Amy's house to see if we could take a rest and get a bandaid. She wasn't home. I found another friend, and they gave us a bandaid. Then we all walked downtown and got a snack with the change that I was able to scrape together before we left. We went and they played on the playground before we started home. When we got back, I got sandwhiches for those that wanted one, and then my trio toook a nap.......the day's over you think.....????? THINK AGAIN....AFTER naps, we decided to go bike riding. I also got out the battery powered bikes/cars that the neighbors gave us. A John Deere Tractor, and a Four Wheeler, and also the bikes. We saw that the neighbor and her little boy and baby were getting out to ride also. SO we went outside and they came over and rode with us. The kids were ALL having so much fun. We were seriously out there for a couple of hours and having such a good time. Jennifer and I were having a really nice time talking and just hanging out too!! And then it happened!!!!!!!!! Ryan (Jennifers two year old) decided to sit in the parking lot and blow bubbles. No body really noticed and then Dylan, who hadn't been riding the four wheeler, but decided to try, drove right into and then OVER Ryan!!!! O MY GOODNESS it was sooooooo scary for us all. I yelled at Dylan to stop, but he couldn't coordinate himself well enough to stop or turn quick enough. He was completely on TOP of Ryan by the time I could get there get him off the bike and pull it off of Ryan who was screaming his head off. Poor little guy. I picked him up and handed him to Jennifer and took the baby for her. We walked them home and EVERYONE was crying. (Jennifer and I were both on the verge and ALL of the kids were crying) Dylan felt REALLY bad. We went over as a family later and gave Ryan a card and a stuffed Bear from Stuff a Friend dressed as a dr. to say we're sorry) UGH. I went over again last night (thursday) and checked on him again, and he was fine! shwew! He came up and just hugged me and layed on my shoulder then kissed me. It was sooooo sweet. He's such a sweet little guy! I felt bad though, cuz Jennifer said "I didn't get that good of a hug when I came home from work!" :( SO we'll see how today goes! Hopefully better than the rest of the week. OH in the midst of ALL of that Tuesday night, Dave informed me that we may not be able to go to family camp! :( The church may not have the money to pay for it, and WE definatley don't. wwwaaaahhhhh Pray that we get to go. We really need it.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Not Prepared for Losing

The girls from next door came over to play with the kids. I got a bunch of their games out that we've recently gotten from garage sales. We've gotten quite a collection recently. Anyway, not too long after they all started playing, Abbey came into my room crying (fussing really) and saying "The Girls Just Keep Letting me LOSE AND LOSE AND LOSE!!!" It's very different playing with 10 and 11 year olds than her 5 year old brothers. ha ha Poor baby. I had to tell her that sometimes that just happens. Aaaahhh, lessons learned.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Birthday Bash!!

Today was the trio's b-day. Of all times to have a "town parade" it was TODAY! And, not to mention, they also got to be in the parade. It was HOT, but fun. They lost several balloons before the parade got started, but they had alot of fun. This evening, we had a small party. The neighbor girls came over, Wade and Jill, and my friend Jennifer from across the street with her little boy, Ryan. They Stuffed A Friend, one of my new "ventures" and then we ate pizza and had a pinata! It was a fun time! They got lots of goodies! And had a good time.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Our ZOO trip

We all went to the zoo. Dave, me and the kids. It was a fun, but HOT and crazy day. We did get some nice pictures in the garden area, and just a nice time hanging out together. Well, on our way home, Dave told me that he had been feeling "odd." Here, he had been feeling dizzy, and the left side of his face and arm had been feeling "tingly" UH OH. So, we went to the ER. They did an EKG, but it was fine, so they said that it was a "panic attack." He's since started on some meds. He said "what an odd place to have a panic attack. I was totally at ease having a good time." But he's been working on his courses, and I think that subconcously he was thinking about getting those done. He's been under alot of stress. SO, when we got home, he was feeling much better, and I needed to be at an Arts Council Board Meeting (late) so the plan was for me to go (we discussed this on the way home) and he was going to get the kids a bath and sandwhich, and to bed. We get out of the car, and Dylan sighs BIG, and says "Mommy! I'm Tired, I'm Hungry, and I need a BATH!" ROFL, what a cute ending to an ODD day! (dave's been doing ok by the way)

Monday, July 03, 2006

The Staiger Men

The other day, it was "Abbey's Turn." What I mean is this. Every week, each of the kids takes turns going with me to the bank and the grocery store. AND if they choose, and sometimes they do, all of them go. It's so cute. They will come whisper to me if they see that the other two are sad, and say "mommy, it's ok if everyone goes." ha ha But they really like their "turn." Well, on this particular day it was Abbey's turn. While she went with me, the boys helped daddy mow the back lawn. Dave called me while they were out and said that after they were done, he offered to let the boys play in the sprinkler, but they turned it down saying they were "too hot." So, all my men came inside, and Dave let them each have their own can of Soda. He said they all sat down and Trevor sat back on the couch with his pop can and said "aaaahhhh, this is the life!" LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Future Church!!

Is right in my own home!!! Can you believe it?? Ok, get this, today after church the kids were in the fellowship hall. We had had our VBS program, and they were hungry the entire time. We hadn't really eaten before church, then I was busy when we got there, so I grab them each a mini muffin, but that's it. SO, after church we were in the fellowship hall, and they were eating a donut. I told them all to just "stay put" and I had to go over to the sanctuary and get some things and I'd be right back. However, I got to talking, and forgot they were over there by themselves waiting for me. SO, thinking that they were wreaking havoc, or just GONE, I hurried over. You'll never believe what I saw......... Trevor was standing on a chair in and was up to the podium. Abbey was sitting in a chair right in front of him, with her hands politely in her lap, and Dylan was at the piano! I went in quietly and sat beside Abigail, to see what exactly they were doing. Trevor was saying something, not sure what, but then said "scary" and Dylan started to play low notes on the piano SLOWLY. Then Trevor said "Happy" and Dylan played high notes quickly. So I, sitting there quite perplexed by this said "silly" and he played notes ALL OVER the piano. I just thought that was the coolest thing. Then Trevor suddenly said "Abbey's turn!" and Abbey stepped up on the chair and said "come....listen.....sad..." and Dylan would play low notes really slow....and on it went. It was marvelous. To come up with that all on their own. They didn't fight. They all had their "place" and just did their job. And for Dylan to know what to play, Low notes for sad or scary...High notes for happy and silly etc. Just amazed me. I have some AWESOME kids. Ya know that??

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Such a polite boy...

The kids and I went to the store this evening to get some last minute things that we needed to finish Dave's Father's Day gift. On the way home we got dinner. Abbey was REALLY thirsty. She drank all of her apple juice and wanted more. Trevor wasn't drinking his at ALL but refused to share with her. Finally I asked Dylan if she could have just a sip of his. He said "no" and I'm thinking "great!" but then he followed up with "I'm Sorry, but it's all gone!" How polite. heehee He did actually sound very apologetic about it. It was so cute.

Grown Up Talk

Sometimes the things that the kids say, are SO stinkin funny. Abbey told Dave that "mommy said............" (can't remember what it was right now) and he said to her "oh yea? when was that?" and Abbey told him "I believe it was Wednesday." hilarious!! Where did that come from??? ha ha ha

Cleaning Up

The kids have been having "Chores" every day. I am sick and tired of a messy house and stepping on toys! SO....every day, they have been made to pick up their toys and put them away and also, I've been showing them how to make their beds. This morning as I was "cracking the whip" so to speak, I went into the boys room to find Trevor already making his bed all by himself without being told yet! It was the first time he was even going to have to make his bed on his own anyway, and he did it without being asked to! What a boy! They've been doing really well.

Friday, June 16, 2006

PS to Garage Sales

Another thing that happened while at the Garage Sales. We were walking down a sidewalk and all of a sudden, (Jill was behind me and Dylan) Jill kind of just yelled or something. Yelped is more like it. I thought something bad happened. Like someone got hurt, or a car was coming etc. I jumped around to see what happened and Jill was pointing to Dylan. I looked down and Dylan's pants were down around his ankles. Later in the day when it was just me and the kids, his pants had fallen down so many times that I finally just took them off. He had gray Spider Man boxers on that looked like he was wearing shorts, so.....yeah,we just took them off right in the middle of a ritzy neighborhood and let him go in his boxers. LOL Also, at some point I must have said to Jill and/or Kelly, that "Dave will have a cow" if I brought such and such home from garage sales. BECAUSE, on the way home, out of the blue hours later, Abbey said "Daddy's going to have a cow in your house Mom!" LOL

Ride with WHO????

We went "garage sailing" today. Me and the kids and Jill and Kelly. Jill and Kelly came over then we followed them out to Waterville. Trevor rode with Jill and Kelly and then after we got there it was Sissy's turn. Somewhere in there, Dylan got confused on what Kelly's name was, (she's "Gracie's Mommy" and "sissy's riding with Kelly and Jill etc where things that he heard). We were leaving a garage sale, and he was holding my hand. Very LOUDLY he said "Mommy, Can I ride in Pissy's car now?" ROFL, My head just shot around to him and said "WHAT?" and so he repeated it. I laughed soooo hard. The lady at the garage sale evidently heard him and just looked at me laughing and shaking her head like "kids, gotta love em." LOL

Monday, June 12, 2006

Awesome, Lovely, Expensive!!!

We have three words that are very popular in our family right now. Trevor walked into his and Dylan's bedroom after I did a MAJOR cleaning last week, and said "MOM!!, this is AWESOME!!!" Abbey thinks things are "lovely." And Dylan, for some reason calls people Expensive when he's mad at them. The only thing I can think of, is that when they are just overwhelming me, and the day is just Non Stop crazy!!, I've said to them "you are EXHAUSTING!!!" So, I think that's what he's telling me (or whoever) when he says "You Are EXPENSIVE!!!" The first time I realized it, the kids were all in the back seat arguing, and Trevor called out "MOOOMMM!!! Dylan called me EXPENSIVE!!!" LOL

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Clowns and Scrappers

I don't know how many times I've mentioned this, but Trevor is such a clown!! He does little things to crack up the other two, and then when he sees that he's getting them to laugh, he'll just keep doing it until everyone in the house is laughing, and what he's doing isn't even funny!! LOL
Then there's Dylan who has discovered "funny faces." I caught him looking at himself in the mirror when we were at mammy and pappy's house making faces at himself. He must have realized that they were funny faces, cuz he often comes out of the bathroom even now, making faces at me to get me to laugh. Little stinkers.
I've been scrapbooking at the dining room table the last few days while the kids play outside. However, they eventually end up coming inside to "help" me. So, I give them some of my punches and scissors (the safe ones) and sit them on the floor (because the table is too crowded with all of my treasures up there) and they sit and make shapes for me, or cut out things that resemble Sponge Bob, huge numbers and letters, and "Giant Toothbrushes" just to name a few.
We've had a good time.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Beaches, Buffalos, BIG laughs and....Pigs

Well, today was Memorial Day. We were supposed to take the kids to their very first trip to the beach. We were going with Jill and Wade up to Lake Erie in Canal Fulton. We were all SO excited about it. Jill and I packed a picnic/cookout lunch. I got the whole family some flip flops for the beach. And I bought sun screen, buckets for sand castles and lots of film!!! We got to the beach and it was a mess. There weren't many people there and the sand was so "shell-ee" that we never could have walked in our bare feet. It was too rough. SO, we went to another beach. There was seaweed and dead fish all over it!!! Wade asked someone from the area what the deal was, and they told him that all the beaches were like that right now due to all of the storms. UGH.
WELL, there was a nice park/playground across the street of the second beach, so we went over there to have our lunch and to let the kids play on the playground for a while.
Not too bad. But not the beach.
We decided then to go to the African Safari which was nearby. We have a zoo pass, so it allowed us to get our car load in for half price. COOL
Wade drove and Dave rode up front with him the first time through. It was soo much fun and soooo funny. The kids were all scared, so they stayed in the back far from any open windows. Jill and I made fun of Wade and Dave getting scared of the Buffalo. At one point we were all looking at a Zebra outside Wade's window, then all of a sudden we hear Dave say "uuuhhh, Guys!" and we look over to see this HUGE Buffalo with it's head stuck in Daves window!! Cracked us up so much. Then Dave stuck out the food to feed it, and just said "here, have it" and threw the bucket out the window.
SO, the second time through, Jill and I were saying how we weren't afraid blah blahblah.
I had the hardest time convincing Jill not to act afraid. THEN the BIG GUY Buffalo came to MY window. He stuck his head ALL the way in and he was SO dirty and stunk SOOOOO bad. I thought he was going to touch me. So, of course. I screamed. Yes, the guys thought that was hilarious. Wade laughed till he cried. I've never seen him laugh that hard. ROFL
After that we went to see the other animals that we can walk through and see. The kids played on another playground. We watched a show. And after Dave and the Boys got in line to hold a Red Tailed Python!!!!!! It was huge!!!!! Trevor, after much conjoling, got up there with Dave and Dylan, but just as the girl went to hand them the snake, he screamed and ran away. I got LOTS of pictures of that! LOL But Dave and Dylan did it, and we have some good pictures of that too!!
Afterward, we found out that Dylan thought it was a toy. He had no idea that it was real, or he probably would have screamed and ran too!!
The kids could go on Pony rides and Camel rides for free. The boys rode the pony, but not the camel. OH and we saw a baby monkey with his mommy too!
To end the day, we watched a "NasPig Race" Our pig was pig number 3 (which is our lucky number :) and it's name was Pig Diddy. LOL It WON THE RACE!!!!!!! Good Little Piggy!!!!
When we went to leave (did I mention that it was 90 degrees out???) the van wouldn't start!! UGH. BUT security came and gave us a jump and we laughed and reminisced about the day all the way home! It was a GREAT day. Even if we didn't get to go to the beach. Jill and I are going to take the kids to one sometime this summer though. They all, but especially Trevor kept saying "But Mom, I thought we were going to the beach?" :( made me sad. But he had a fun day anyway.
(ha ha, I felt like I wrote a book just now)

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Kid's Say the Darndest Things!!

This morning, in light of Trevor telling me yesterday that I'm a "Gee-Nis" I asked him "Trevor, am I a Genius?" and he said "hmm, Not Quite Yet!" LOL

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A Trip to the ZOO!!!

Today I surprised the kids by taking them to the zoo! They've been talking about the zoo constantly lately, and today was so nice, and it's free! (we have a pass) So we went and got Jill to go with us, and went to the zoo. Not too far in, they were all still very excited about being there, but Trevor said to me, "I am SOOO happy!" Then later, when we were all getting tired, and ready to head home, Trevor said to me, "MOM, you're a Gee-nis!!" (meaning a Genius) I said, "why? because we came to the zoo?" and he said "YES!!!" Too cute. After we looked at the Rhinos, which is one of their very favorite things, I said to them for about the fourth time, "come on guys, lets go see the elephants!" and Dylan said "ok, ok, for Pete's Sake!" ROFL They are too funny. We had ALOT of fun. It was a good day. Before we left, we went to get cotton candy, another thing they (especially Trevor) had been asking for since they knew we were going. Dylan and Abbey decided they wanted Ice Cream instead, so they got a twist cone, and Trevor got cotton candy. About half way home, we looked back at Trevor, and he was sound asleep with his sun glasses on, and Blue all over his little face from the cotton candy. Then not long after that, Dylan and Abbey with chocolate all over them, were conked out too! A good day......A good day.....

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Ultrasound Pictures....

We had an all day scrap-booking fund raiser for the Cacoon Women's Shelter today at the church. When I got home, the kids wanted to look at their books. So I got out their baby scrap books, and let everyone look at them. Me and the kids sat on the couch, and they opened them up. Of course, to start the books, I have all of the U/S pics. I told them "these are pictures of when you were still in mommy's belly!" I hear a big Pause then Dylan says "eeeeewwwwww that's disgusting!!!" Then while I'm trying to explain to him what was what, Abbey starts to cry! I looked over at her to ask her what was wrong, and see that she has her eyes covered and when I asked what was wrong, she said "I Don't Want To See It!!!" It was all so funny. They finally all got over it, and looked at the rest of their books and enjoyed it.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

What the Staigers Do with a Tax Refund!!

Well, for the first time in our marriage, we had a CPA who knew what they were doing. We actually got a refund this year!! WOOHOO. And what FUN thing do the Staigers do with a Refund????? Why, they BUY SKIVVIES!!! Yes, we were all in need of underwear. HA HA HA So, I took the kids to Walmart and we bought Undies and Socks for every member of the Staiger Family!! We are the Best "underweared family" in Grand Rapids Ohio!!! And possibly all of Ohio, I'm not sure.......

The Crimson Chin

On Monday May 8th, we had an eventful evening. To include a trip to the ER. UGH Abbey and the boys decided to climb up on the posts of the beds and swing back and forth. Abbey unfortunately lost her balance and crashed CHIN first on the floor. I thought for sure it was broken when she turned down a piece of gum. That's just CRAZY!! She NEVER turns down a piece of GUM!!! So, we went to the ER me and her, and got some "pictures" taken, and she got to ride in a wheelchair to do it so that was thrilling, all to find out she was A-OK. shwew! It looked pretty nasty though. It was all red and swollen, and I called her the Crimson Chin, which is a sometimes character on a cartoon that they watch. So Exciting!

Friday, May 12, 2006

This and That

I haven't written in a while, but there's been plenty of silly stuff happening. Today for instance, Dylan saw all of my "meds" and said "mommy!! is this ALL your medicine???" and I said "yes, it is!" and he said in this loud and funny voice "WOW, that must be BAD for a Bandaid!!" Not sure what that meant, unless it meant that because I had all these meds, I didn't need a band aid, or what?! But it was hilarious. And I'll tell ya, I'd rather have a band aid. LOL
Trevor has SUCH a good, no , GREAT memory!! That boy has been bringing up all sorts of things I thought were long forgotten. Today he went with me to run errands. It was his turn. (they've all been taking turns with going running around with mommy) And as we drove past the hospital he said "Mommy, that's where the dr. is, right?" and he talked about how they gave him milk with a cow on the box when he was there,and how the dr.s took him into a room and fixed his arm. He's getting the time he broke his arm and when he was there with RotaVirus mixed up, but it was all close to the same time. Then he showed me a mark on his arm that was left there by the IV when he was in the hospital...................OVER A YEAR AGO!!!
Abbey, the princess, we've been doing things with her hair. I've been putting her hair in a bunch of little braids, and she wears them like that for a day, then the next day we take them out, and she has "fluffly poofy" hair. Well, the other day when we first did it, she went to show her daddy, and turned around all proud like and said "daddy, how do you like my braces??" LOL

Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Trio

Riding Bike-Cycles

Today we learned how to ride "bike-cycles." Everyone got "geared up" and went out to the parking lot. We had SO much fun. The boys especially did really good. THEN we broke out the John Deere. We had SO much fun, did I already say that?? ha, here's some pictures.

Bug Slappers

We have a slight problem with "the fear of bugs" in our back yard, at the park etc. It's getting to the point of being pretty annoying. Abbey got stung by a bee in the back yard last year, and that didn't help matters at all. They all scream over EVERY bug they see. And Abbey refused to go outside today. I had to FORCE her out into the back yard. SO......................When I spoke for the Crohns Support group last fall, I had handed out fly swatters and told the group that they were for friends and family that just "didn't get it." LOL I had lots left over that were still in a bag on the landing at the top of the basement stairs. SO I handed the trio each TWO of them, and told them they were "bug slappers" and when they see bugs and are scared of them, to just slap them!! Except for bees of course. I told them when they see bees, to shut their eyes, stand really still and count to five, and the bee will probably be gone! So far so good. They really like their "bug slappers" and Abbey goes outside without a problem! They even all took their shoes off like mommy and played in their bare feet today!! WOWSERS!!!

Thursday, April 20, 2006


I've been TOTALLY de-stressing my life, and it's been WONDERFUL for me and for our family. The kids and I went to the park the other day with Jill, then we all climed down an embankment into the "jungle" and threw bread out for the fish and ducks. Afterward we all went and played in our backyard. The next day, Thursday, the kids and I went out to lunch at Couzins, then took my friend Amy some deep fried pickles. LOL Afterward me and the trio went to the school playground and a couple of the kids from church came over and played with us. TODAY we played out back for a while, then the kids practiced learning how to ride bikes. THEN we got out the John Deere that our neighbors gave to us! What a blast!! They looked so cute with their helmets and gear on while out riding. It's hot out there though, so we're in having lunch now. Just wanted to give an update. I've cut some things out of my life, and I'm just feeling SO good. My house looks good, my kids and I are doing alot together, Dave mowed the back yard!LOL, it's GREAT! GOD IS GOOD.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Park

We've had so much fun at Mammy and Pappy's. Yesterday the trio, Mom and I went to the park. We had a picnic, fed ducks and geese and flew some kites. We got ONE of the kites to go up high. Not so much luck with the rest. At one point Trevor let go of his string and it went sailing across the park. Several people were running after it including me. It was kind of commical, but nice of everyone to want to help. The lady that actually got it for me, told me that it was entertaining just watching us. LOL
We went to get ice cream afterward. It was called "The Bear Creamery" or something like that. It's one of those places where you can actually make a teddy bear. They do birthday parties too!! SO, I was thinking that we would bring the kids back down here around their birthday time, and ask Lynn and her kids to come, and just have a small party, and let the kids all make their own animals (said it didn't have to be a bear) and that would be their Birthday present!! I'm excited.
HOWEVER, we went to the gift shoppe attached after we were done (nothing to do with bears. Just one of those old towns where all the buildings are connected.) And we looked for a LONG time. Towards the end,when I was contemplating getting the boys each a Raggedy Andy that they were holding, the store owner came to where we were looking and said "there are so many breakable things in there, I don't want the kids in there." So, we left!!!! THEY WEREN"T EVEN TOUCHING ANYTHING!!!!!! I was NOT a happy camper. UGH
We saw another set of triplets when we left. They were 16 months. They had the same stroller as we did!!! Aaahhhh Memories!!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Mammy and Pappy's House

The Kids and I are at Mammy and Pappy's house right now. We are having such a good, and relaxing time. It's AWESOME. Let's see,,,,,,We came on Thursday, the 6th was it? It was great weather for the drive here. We had a good time finding animals, and looking at houses, and finding different colors as we drove. The ride went smoothly. We didn't do a whole lot that day, except go out to eat shortly after getting here. Then Diana and Steve stopped by to see us. We had a nice visit, and then got settled in for the night. Friday, we played with bubbles outside, and had a lot of fun! I'll post a pic of that. It was a good time. We basically just hung around home, and played and visited. Diana and Steve came over again, and stayed long after the trio went to bed, and we reminisced over old TV shows for some reason. Saturday, Mom and I took the kids to the New Beginnings Nazarene Church, for the Easter Egg Hunt that Lynn was heading up. The kids had a blast! After it was all over, and everyone was done eating their pizza, a bunch of the kids went to play in the nursery/toddlers area. Next thing you know, we all hear "MOMMY!!! I FOUND AN EGG!!" And here comes Trevor running to me with the egg held high, and a look of triumph on his face! Everyone got a kick out of that. LOL We went home for a nap, then me and the trio went over to Lynn and Jeffs for Chinese!! Lynn and I and the kids went to Friendlys afterward to end the evening with Ice Cream! It was great. While we were there, Dylan fell down the stairs. That was a scary moment. But you should have seen everyone come running from their respective places in the house. It was almost comical. He was more scared than hurt. On Sunday, we went to Diana's church (Southeast) to see their childrens program for Palm Sunday. I saw several people I haven't seen for YEARS so that was cool. I got the kids a snack on the way home,cuz we had all decided that we would come home and take a nap, and THEN go out to dinner. LOL SO, when we got up, we piled in the van and went to ...................CHICKEN MANOR!!! WOOHOOO I ate till I about POPPED. But it was SO good. I miss it so! Monday, today, we decided to just have a lazy day. We hung out at home, then napped, then after a delicious dinner (roast and the works) we went for a walk, and dreamed of one day living in the same street/neighborhood as Mammy And Pappy, and how fun that would be! But alas, I don't see that happening. Tomorrow is supposed to be REALLY nice, so we are planning to go on a picnic. There are several REALLY cute things that have been said and/or done over the last few days, but I'm so tired right now, I don't remember them and don't have the energy to type them!! LOL So, to be continued!!!

Friday, March 31, 2006

Lovin' the Weather!!!

It was windy and a bit cooler today, but still kinda nice. Dave let me sleep in, and then the kids and I went to Malinta to pick up a check from a friend, so that I could close out her Discovery Toys party!! The kids played with her little boy Luke, and his cousins that were there. They had such a good time. And it was nice to just sit and visit with my friend Kris. It's a comfortable place to be, and it's nice and quiet there, kinda in the country.
On our way out there though, we stopped at a Dairy Bar, and had lunch and then ice cream.
I'm lovin this weather. This evening after dinner, the kids wanted to run around in their underwear after they put lotion on their arms and legs (they said they were itchy, so we started the lotion thing, and now they don't want to stop LOL) and they danced around the living room for an hour!!! It was nice to have the windows open and listen to the rain outside. We watched the lightning (Jesus' flashlight). They are sleeping good tonight.
I even have a little sun on my face from yesterday!! Feelin good!!!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Sunshine, Ice Cream, Swings and Slides

Today was such a FUN day. The trio and I met with Amy and Calvin and two of her "charges" today, and walked down to Rita's to get some ice cream!! The kids had a BLAST. Amy and I really enjoyed ourselves too. It was nice to just walk and talk and let the kids play and have fun. I really really needed this sunshiny day!! Amy had to get back for one of her kids to be picked up, so the trio and I went back home. We didn't really want the nice day to end, so..........we went home and packed a picnic!! They've been SO wanting to go on a picnic. We've just been waiting for the weather to get nicer. SO, we went home and packed a picnic, and went down to the park. We played on the swings and slides. We walked down to the store to get stuff for sandwiches. We ate, and played some more. It was a great! great!! day!!!! I feel like I'm alive again since being home from the hospital. The days since I've come home have been SO cloudy and rainy. I haven't wanted to do anything. But it was nice today to finally get out. I kept having that song run through my head "coming out of the dark. I finally see the light now......."SUNSHINE IS SOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Brains and Nerves

My kids have this fixation with brains! I thinkit's from watching Jimmy Neutron. They know he has a BIG brain. And that the brain is in the head. SO, I say all of that to tell you a few funnies........ Trevor was sitting on the potty the other day, and I went in to check and see if he was finished. And he told me "not yet" then he told me "my brain is KILLING me!" I assume that meant he had a heahache. LOL Then, on our way home from church this morning we walked outside, and he hurried to put his hat on and said "ooohh, my brain is cold!" On a "make mommy feel bad" note, I went to a ladies retreat this weekend. It was just one night!!!! I was having a good time. We got down to Columbus, and checked into the hotel, and I called home. Dave informed me that Dylan had asked him "where's mommy?" And he told him that mommy went to a retreat with Brenda, Chris and Jill, and that she would be home tomorrow! Dylan then said (and remember, I have had LOTS of dr.s appt.s lately, and it seems to them that mommy is gone a lot) "Mommy is Gone and Gone and Gone, and it makes me Nervous!!" Of course Dave couldn't help but laugh a little, and then Dylan got mad. SO, when I talked to D on the phone, I told him I loved him, and asked him how he was doing, and he said "Mommy, I'm nervous and Angry." I asked him why. He told me "because I said you're gone and gone and gone,and it makes me nervous,and daddy laughed, and I got angry." :( Bout broke my heart. When I called to say goodnight to them all, he asked me again where I was, so I told him. He said "But you better hurry mommy, it's getting dark!" UGH. I don't think I'll go anywhere for a while without my babies!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A Day Out

Today me and the Trio went out to lunch and shopping. It was crazy as usual, but fun. We had a good day. First we ate at Big Boy, always a favorite for us! The kids were good, and did some good drawings while we waited for our food. I think Dylan and Abbey both will be good artists. They both love to copy what they see in a drawing, and they both love music, and love to dance. Trevor, well, he mostly loves to tackle. LOL We then went to Walmart, and were only there about an hour, and had to make trips to the bathrooms THREE times!!! SHEESH Between them potty training, and me with Crohns Disease, we sure do have to go Potty a lot. THEN we went to Aldi. And of course, one more bathroom trip while we were there. But when we left, we needed to go left out into traffic (had to cross over to the opposite side) and the cars just kept coming and coming. So, the boys rolled down their windows and started yelling "STOP CARS!" But the cars didn't stop! So they said "maybe we should ALL do it!" So, we rolled down the windows and we all four yelled "STOP CARS STOP!" And wouldn't you know it, just then there was a break in traffic, so of course they thought we worked a miracle. We had fun though. It was a good day!!

Friday, March 03, 2006

The Sweetest Thing I've Ever Heard........

What's the "sweetest thing I've ever heard?" "I'LL MISS YOU WHILE YOU'RE GONE MOMMY." wow. I have had ALOT of dr.s appointments lately, and this week in particular. Well, today is Friday, and the last one (of FOUR) this week. And the worst. I've been getting pretty good news at every appt. Nothing devastating. But today, I had to have a breast biopsy. OUCH. We prayed as a family last night, and the boys were curious as to why mommy was going to the doctor so much lately. So, I told them the best way you can tell a four year old, what the dr. had to "check" today. They were both showing me their chests saying, "look ma! no lumps!" ha ha (well, maybe not in those you remember that gravy commercial?) Anyway, They had to kiss and hug and say "I love you " several times. But what touched my heart the most this morning for some reason, was "I'll Miss You While You're Gone Mommy!" And the second sweetest thing? "Welcome home mommy, come on in!!"

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Slightly Embarassing, Very Funny......

Ok, at the sake of embarassing the snot out of myself, not knowing who will be reading this. I'm going to tell a Trevor Story. I was getting them ready this morning to go to my friend Amy's house. She watches them for just a few hours for me on Wednesdays, just to give Dave and I time alone, or for me to clean, nap, run errands.......whatever I want. OK? So, we're running late this morning, and I had just gotten them all ready, and in their coats, and ran back to my bedroom to get myself dressed. Trevor walks in in the middle of that process.....he's always VERY complimentary to me. He will tell me I look pretty, or that he likes my new shoes, dress, whatever.....But this morning,...........and here's the embarassing part........I was putting on my bra!!! Well, it was a (ugh, can't believe I'm telling this) flowery one, and Trevor walks in and says "Oh Mommy!! I LOOOVE your Booby Diaper!!" I'm laughing so hard writing this I can hardly type. I laughed and said "my booby diaper?" cuz I wasn't sure that I heard him right, and he got this silly grin on his face like "well, that's probably not the right word is it," and started laughing too!! But then repeated it, because he knew he had said something extremely funny at this point, and wanted more laughs!!!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Just How "serious" is George?

Last night putting Abbey to bed, she asked me for a certain toy. I didn't understand what she was saying. So, I asked her to repeat it! She said "I WANT MY SERIOUS GEORGE!!" LOL, I had gotten them some kids meals at Wendy's that day for lunch, and a Curious George toy was in it...........

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Catching Up

Hey all! Sorry I haven't updated in a while. It's not that there hasn't been anything cute or funny, or weird, or.......well, you know, going on, I've just been lazy I suppose. Ok, so here goes. We'll start with Abbey: Let's see. She's becoming quite a "girly girl" and yes, she's 4 going on 14. She has this attitude going right now, that HAS to be broken, before we go nuts!! She does this little "ggrrr" and stomp her foot thing when she doesn't get her way. But, can turn around and be the sweetest thing you've ever met!! She's a wild woman. Already emotional!! Oyvay!!! Oh, this is hilarious, Dave gave her a cookie, and she spit it out and gave it back to him and said "you're trying to kill me!!" Don't know where THAT came from, but it cracked us up!!! OK, on to Dylan. He has such a temper, like I've said before. But when he's not "angry" as he would say, he's as sweet and cuddly as can be. Trevor is a big ole stinker as usual. He always just has that sly little smile on his face like he's up to something. And he usually is more often than not!! LOL I promise I'll share more soon!!!

Friday, February 10, 2006

Trippy Fally

Ok, Abbey was almost named "Abigail Grace" the Grace, being after Dave's mom. And if we had two girls, the other girl was going to be "Hannah Jewel" the Jewel, being after my mom. Well, when we discovered we were having two boys and a girl, we decided to go with Abigail Jewel. My mom was the only one of our moms that was living, and my mom hadn't ever had anyone named after her in the family (except of course, me in a way, with Julie) So, we decided we wanted our little girl named after her, but liked Abigail better than Hannah. SO, all of that to say, that it was destined for Abbey to NOT be named GRACE. She LOVES to dance, and when she's "doing ballerina" in the living room, she does very well, and we will probably take her back to try dance classes again sometime soon. BUT, she is sooooo clumsy! LOL She could just be standing there talking to you, and then BOOM, she's on the floor. She NEVER quits moving for long, so even when she's standing there, she's moving, and then she trips herself. SO, I started calling her "trippy fally." Well, today she fell, and then started to cry. I said "come here "Grace". Can't you stand up?" And through her tears she said "no, I'm Trippy Fally."

Sunday, January 08, 2006


Our dear friend and sister in Christ died today. Yesterday I went to see her. I can't beleive that her health failed so quickly. It just seems so unfair. While I was there yesterday, I wasn't sure what to say to her, and she couldn't talk to me. When she saw me, she immediately wanted to write something to me, but didn't have the strength. So, I sat down, took her hand, and sang to her. Opal LOVED music, she even wrote some songs, and they were GOOD.
She responded to the music, and wanted to get comfy, and turned toward me.
Today, I went back up, and was going to sing to her some more after church, after I fed the kids.
I got there too late. Opal was gone Home. Jill was with me and the kids and we cried the whole way home, listening to the Untitled Hymn, which I sang at church that morning for Opal. Carl asked me to sing it along with The King Is Coming at the funeral, which I am honored to do. I was hoping he would ask. It will be hard, because I loved her so, but I really want to do it.
When we got home, and I was getting the kids ready for a nap, Dylan told me "Don't worry mommy, Opal is in the sun, she's with Jesus."
He had heard Jill and I talking about the sun finally shining today, and that it must be for Opal. He put that together, and said what he did. Little did he know how profound his little statement to me was. What a sweet boy.
I Love You Opal, and I Miss You.........Can't wait to see you again someday.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Genesis 1:1

We started Family Devotions tonight. We've always prayed with them, sang, and/or learned scripture. But today I got a specific book for devotions for 4-7 yr olds. It has a story, a Bible Verse that they learn doing motions, an activity, and then a song to go along with the Bible Verse/Story. It was a blast. It's from Focus on the Family, and they loved it. So did we.
We sat and I read the story. Then Dave read the Bible Verse, Genesis 1:1 and told us the motions to do, then me and the kids sang the song and danced around the living room (it came with a CD also)!!! There is an activity of planting a flower seed, which we will do this week sometime. But we decided to do the same story etc, for a whole week. That way they will learn the verse and song for sure. It was great!!!