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Welcome to T.A.D.ay in the Life!

Welcome to T.A.D.ay in the Life!
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Monday, October 16, 2006

Eatin' Sleepin Poopin'?? Letters???

Ok, we've been working working working on our letters in school. Everyone can now spell their names, and I'm SO stinkin proud. I'm posting some pictures of their handy work. Anyway, Dylan went potty, and said "Mommy, Come Here!!!" I said "Im coming." (however, I was on the potty too, and wasn't actually running there at the time. He said again, "Mommy, COME HERE!!!" and I said "I'm coming!" and he ever so observantly said "No You're NOT!" LOL, So I said, "you're right, but I'll be there in a minute!!" So, I ran there, and he was in the other bathroom and was standing there waiting for me to wipe his bottom. BUTT, it wasn't only that. :) He was saying LOOK LOOK. And I looked in the potty and he said "it's a V!!!" Actually it was a Y a perfectly pooped Y!!! And dumby me, flushed before I thought to take a picture!!!! What was I thinking!?!?!?!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

SO much fun!!

We had SO much fun today. Let me tell you, it did not start out that way, nor was it planned!! We had school today (yes, even though it's saturday - we slacked a couple of days this week, so we were making up). After we did a couple of things, I read a book about leaves, and different kinds of leaves, how they grow, why they change color, etc. Then I wasn't feeling to great, and thought maybe it was from the Remicade, and that I just needed fresh air. I told the kids, let's get our jackets on and go for a walk.. We can collect some leaves or something. We went out and it was so nice, and there were some pretty yellow mums, so I went back to get my camera so we could take some nice fall pictures. We walked and picked up leaves and just were having fun. We went to the train tracks and took some pictures. Trevor saw the "country store" across the river and wanted to know if we could go there. I thought, "ok." Well, for those of you who don't know our town, there is a pretty big (not huge, but with 3 five year olds, it is) Bridge going over the river to the other side where the store is. So, I made them walk single file holding each others shirts and I walked on the outside of them and we went on over. We watched the Canal Boat take off (with mules pulling it) we went to the country store, and some ladies we had been talking to asked if they could buy them some ice cream, and then we went through the old mill and saw LOTS of neat things, and even got to make something. It turned into a real learning experience. A regular old field trip!! When we got home, I asked Dave since it was so nice out, if we could , as a family, go to the Farm the next town over and let the kids pick a pumpkin in the pumpkin patch and let them ride the kiddie "cow train" at the farm. To my surprise, he said YES. Oh we had soooo much fun. They had tons of stuff for the kids to do for free. A "hay maze" they crawled through, a "jumpy thing" a big slide with two sides. One side was made entirely out of pvc pipes, and the other was a big black tube-like thing (I think like a water... know, the stuff you put under ground) LOL, the kids had a blast. They went on the cow train, and picked a pumpkin and we ALL went on a hayride. It was the best most beautiful hayride I've ever been on. It was an amazing day. We stopped at KFC on the way home to take it home. We were ALL starving!!! So, we stopped and got some french fries at McDonalds to eat on the way home (we had about 1/2 hr. drive ha ha) We put a blanket on the floor of the living room and had an "indoor picnic." We all pretty much FELL into bed. It was so much fun. SO much.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Week of October 9 - Hearts and Remicade

Ok, we had a bit of a scare with Abbey. The last checkup the kids had the dr. found a murmer with Abbey. I wasn't really concerned, I just thought "ok, we'll just go do this and they'll say it's all ok, and we'll move on." However, they called last week and said "she has a small/fine hole in her heart it appears, and we'd like her to see the cardiologist." SO, I'm like OK...... hmmm..... But I still didn't feel that nervous. That girl RUNS everywhere she goes. She doesn't know the meaning of the word walk. ya know? So, Tuesday the 10th, we went to see the Cardiologist, and he was with us for about an hour and had other stuff done too, so we were there for 2 hours!!!!!! She did so well. He said she was his best and favorite patient of the day. In the end he told me that yes, there is a small hole, however, it should take care of itself. He wants us back in 9 months. The other concern orig. that I didn't realize was that they thought one of her ventricals was narrowed, which would have been a huge bad prob. He had the tech do the Echo again while he stood there. And he said "no, I do not see a narrowing at all." God is good. Was she healed? Was it never there? It doesn't matter. God gave me my miracle babies and I refuse to let anyone tell me that there is anything seriously wrong with them now! :) SO there!!!! Also, my new GI is Awesome!!! Within two months, he saw me, (and was sooooo kind and caring), Got me in for a colonoscopy (ugh), got me on some new meds, and botta boom batta bing, scheduled me for Remicade just like THAT. I had my first IV infusion this Thursday. The bills will start piling up, but it's amazing how fast he's taking care of things, after the quack that I was seeing putzed around forever!!!

It's Been TOOOOO Long

Goodness Ya'll!! I can't believe I haven't been on here for TWO WHOLE MONTHS. Life had been absolutely crazy for us!! Some good, some bad, some just plain nuts. I'll just throw out some updates, and funnies and play catch up. Let's see. August was just plain busy. I don't really remember it much. LOL September, my mom came and stayed two and a half weeks with us. It was GREAT. The trio and I took her home and then stayed there for a few days. I ended up sick one night, so it was a little uncomfortable. But we had a good time, and when we came home I busted a move on their school room. It looks awesome. I'll post some pictures soon. So that leads me to my lovely Colonoscopy and the entire family getting the flu in the same week!!!!!! The following week we watched a little boy for a friend (20month old). He was SO cute. The first morning he was with us, Dylan asked me "Mom, can we get one of these?" ha ha OH, there are so many things I've missed over the last two months! I feel lost! But I'm back in action, and hope to keep up with all our funnies and "moments" in our house. I have to tell you. My mom and dad came this past weekend. After breakfast on Saturday, mom, dad and I and the kids went to Walmart for some things we needed. We had eaten a big breakfast, but as we left Walmart, my little munch-hounds wanted Lunch already. Trevor had eaten the most at breakfast, and Mammie had bought "Crunch and Munch" for everyone. I asked Trev "do you want something from Burger King too? or just your snack?" He said "just my snack" So I go and get Abbey and Dylan something and we move on to go home. We are 5 miles or so away, and I hear this little voice in the back say "mom? where's my lunch?" UGH. I said "honey, I thought you just wanted your snack? Do you want something from BK?" And he just looked out the window and said "Just Forgive it!" (forget it) :) My heart broke! I felt bad not getting something for my baby boy. So, we went back and got him something too. We had a fun day though. When we were driving down the road, dad spilled his "Crunch and Munch" all over the van floor and we both just went "OOOOHHHH!" then looked at each other and cracked up! It was just a good time together. When we got home mom, dad and I watched the kids ride their bikes in the parking lot and then got tools out for the Dylan and then everyone else to take apart a wagon we don't use. (I have pics of that too, I'll post them when I get them developed it was cute) We then carved pumpkins and decorated our porch. SUNDAY was the Applebutter Festival here in town. It draws like 60,000 people to our little Village!!! It's amazing. I made chili, and wade jill and Kevin all came over to eat with us. Everything was great. We were ready to go walk, and dad got sick!!! UGH what an ending to a great weekend. We walked while he stayed here and puked. UGH UGH UGH!!!!!!!!! I'll update more from this past week in the next blog.