Welcome to T.A.D.ay in the Life!

Welcome to T.A.D.ay in the Life!
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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Not What it Used to Be

The night before last, Trevor was doing something, and when he stopped he walked over to me rubbing his back and said to me, "My back just isn't what it used to be!" LOL

Oh, Trevor, I love you my sweet boy!

This weekend we have been at Mom and Dad's for "The Hats!" I'll post a video here soon!
Dad had his 60th High School Class Reunion, so we handled the entertainment!
I sang 'His Eye is On the Sparrow,' Diana (my sister) sang 'They Could Not,' and then a bunch of the Grandson's and Abbey did "The Hats."

Today, Sunday, we have all just been SO stinkin tired! We didn't go to church because we were all just so pooped! I am having a bit of a Crohn's flare - so I had some 'issues' today, and had to go to urgent care.

Later in the day, the kids were running in the yard, and Trevor stopped before it was over, we (Dave and I) asked, "What's wrong Trevor, you not feeling well?"

Trevor said, "No, I just can't run like I used to do!"


Thursday, August 12, 2010

An 'Incident'

I had to chuckle today! The kids and I were driving down the road, and all of a sudden, Dylan says (ever so seriously); "I believe there must have been an Incident back there at that park!"

It was all I could do to not bust out laughing at how he said it! He was SO serious, and I didn't even know he KNEW the word "Incident!" LOL

I asked him why he thought that, and he said, "Well, there was a man with a mask on and he had a great big round tube that was sucking stuff up!"

I don't know WHAT the man at the park was doing, but my son was right! No matter what it was, it was "An Incident!"

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Knowing Jesus, Proud Momma, Wonderful Babies!

A little over a week ago, a friend of ours was in a horrible car accident. Mike was delivering papers for his family's paper route, something he didn't always do as he has a full time job, but took it to give the family a break this one morning.
While on the route, he pulled in front of a pick-up truck that he didn't see according to a witness, and was badly injured.
Mike has not woke up yet since the accident, but the doctor is expecting a full recovery.
When my husband got the call from Mikes wife, and told the kids and I, both Trevor and Dylan wanted to know "Does your friend have Jesus in his heart?"
Dave answered, "Yes, yes he does! He actually is the one that led daddy to Jesus when we were teenagers! He loves Jesus very much!"
Then one of the boys said to Dave, "That must make you feel much better."
WOW, I am such a proud momma right now. What an amazing thing to know that your nine year old children 'Get It.'
That they know that having Jesus in your heart gives peace, and fulfillment!

Today, the kids and I went to pick up Willy, one of my former youth, to go to his probation meeting. Willy has been into some trouble, but he's trying to get his life together, and has asked Jesus to come into his life and change him. My kids adore Willy, and like some of the other youth, refer to Willy as one of their Big Brothers.

After Will's meeting, I decided to take he and the kids to the County Fair! Everyone was looking forward to it, and Will was looking forward to just being out of the Mission for a while! (Unfortunately, with nowhere to live, he's currently living in a homeless shelter. BUT we often pick him up for meetings and other things, and take him out to eat or to just spend time)
Anyway, as we were driving to the fair, an ambulance was passing us going the opposite direction. Personally, before I was married or had kids, I would pray for the person or people that were hurting or sick whenever I saw an ambulance go by with their lights and sirens on. My kids have adapted this 'habit' also. Not long ago while the kids and I were at home, I came out of the bathroom and they told me that an ambulance had just gone down our street! I asked them "Did you pray?" They all three said to me ever-so-seriously "Yes!"

So on our way to the fair today, the ambulance passed us, and before anyone could say a word, Dylan said from the backseat "Mommy, let's pray!"
So, sitting at the red light I prayed the prayer we always do! "Lord - if the person that is hurt or sick doesn't know You, please send someone to introduce them to You! If they do know You, please give them peace right now, and let them know that someone is praying for them. In Jesus' name, Amen." And the whole car silently said "Amen"

aaahhhhhh again, My Mommas heart could NOT be more proud.
Thank you Jesus for such wonderful babies!

Monday, August 02, 2010

What is the meaning of this? And who is T.A.D. anyway?

OK, first of all, to anyone who may not know, T.A.D. stands for the triplets names. Trevor, Abbey and Dylan. T.A.D or TADpoles, is how we refer to them in cards, letters and sometimes when I'm too lazy to call out all three names for supper! So, that's where T.A.D.ay in the Life comes from - kinda like Ta Da! a day in the life! get it? get it? ;)

Ok, anyway, I just wanted to explain that and explain that this blog is in NO WAY meant to be a ministry or serious blog. If you're looking for that, you need to go to my website www.juliestaiger.com The only ministering you will get here is most likely to be to your funny bone! However, there are times when I will post something serious or touching that has taken place, so you never know. Out of the mouths of babes, right?

This blog is full of fun stories about my kiddos, and silly things we do, or sometimes touching stories that will bring a tear to the ole' eye. It's like a HUGE love letter from Me to Them!
I invite you to read along and enjoy with me some of the crazy things that go on in our household and reminisce over some memories of the trio growing up. (I've been here for quite a while, so feel free to read the archives!)

Thanks for being here and joining me in my tribute to the three most amazing kids I know! TAD!


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Robots and the Future

I had a conversation with my daughter tonight. Abbey - out of the blue - asked me this;
"Mom, you know how in the future robots might be everywhere and might run more stuff?"
I said, "Yes, that would be kinda cool, wouldn't it!?"
She says, "Yes it would.........I think that might happen in 'our' life."

Now, let me explain something. When a triplet says "our" (at least MY triplets) they mean themselves, and the other two. So, when she said "I think that might happen in 'our' life." I understood perfectly well that she meant when her and her brothers grew up. Sometime during their life, she thinks the Robot thing will be bigger! BUT after thinking for a moment she said to me.................EVER SO SERIOUSLY!

"Too bad you won't be around."

Friday, May 21, 2010

Staiger Musical

The kids made me laugh so hard tonight I was crying! We went to meet with Sarah in Sandusky. She's working for the Cedar Point Police, and is living in Sandusky now, so the kids and I went to have dinner with her and hang out for a bit.
Sandusky is an hour away, so we set out for the drive around 4:30 to get there for dinner!
Before we even got very far, Trevor had to go to the bathroom, SO we stopped at WalMart, and went in to go potty.

Once we got into Sandusky we got a little turned around, and Sarah had to end up coming to meet us and going to the restaurant instead of us going to her apartment first. By the time we were pulling into Olive Garden, myself and both boys needed to PEE!

I started to sing a little song about it, and in the deepest most dramatic voice I could muster I sang "We have to Pee! (pause) We have to PEE!!!"

Then I sang it again, and in the backseat there was a little higher pitched yet soft voice that repeated "we have to pee!"
So I giggled and Trevor said "Do it again mommy, like we are singing a musical!"
So what followed won't be as funny written down as it sounded, but just use your imaginations and try to hear in your mind what just happened in our car! Think along the lines of "HMS Pinafore", or some other Older Musical. It went something like this:

Me: (deep and dramatic) "We have to pee!"

Boys: (high, soft quiet little voices yet bouncy) "We have to pee!"

Me: "We have to pee!"

Boys: "We have to pee!"

Me: "We have to pee like a RussianRaceHorse!!"

Boys: "We have to pee like a RussianRaceHorse!"

All: "We have to pee We have to Pee We have to PEEEEE!!!!"

And we all burst into giggles!!!! If you see us, ask us to sing our "Pee Musical" for you! We will gladly oblige!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Being TRUE

Unfortunately, I'm still learning at 39, that there are those in this world who ACT like they will be "True" friends, and those who ARE true friends. I want to teach my kids to always be a True friend, and if they don't think they can be to any certain person, then they just need to walk away! I don't want my babies to EVER be fake!

I've met all kinds of people in this life so far. People who use, people who abuse, people who are "fair weather" friends, people who only are your friend as long as you are giving them or MAY give them what THEY want!

I want myself surrounded by friends that are truly interested in me and my life, as much as I am in theirs! I want friends that will cry with me and laugh with me and rejoice with me over accomplishments.

I never have and never WILL have room for FAKE friends. But what REALLY gulls me is FAKE friends that call themselves Christians! SHAME one THEM! They seem to be soooo "spiritual" until of course you get to know them better and realize they were only showing that part of them when it would get them somewhere. GOD KNOWS! He knows your Heart and Mind!

Yes, I've recently come to realize one of those FAKE people where NOT who I thought they were!

It made me think about my kids, and the fact that I always want them to be TRUE! I want to teach them that when you say you're a friend to someone, that that means being there for the person, but also always being true and honest and open with that person too! To be a friend, you don't use people. You treat them with respect and dignity, and you don't just "Yank Chains" everywhere you go just so people will like you! Because - EVENTUALLY they WILL find you out! Then you WILL be left with NO friends. Above all else, I want them to love people as God would have them love them! Would He lie, or mislead, or "Yank your Chain," and pretend to be interested? NOPE HE is TRULY interested in your life, and He CANNOT lie or "mislead" - He would NEVER EVER pretend to be more interested, because He just IS interested!

I can't STAND Fake, Arrogant, Misleading, Lying People!!! I WILL pray EVERY day that my children will never be like that, or have to put up with some, like the ones I've come across!