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Welcome to T.A.D.ay in the Life!

Welcome to T.A.D.ay in the Life!
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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Puberty, Cleverness, and Candle Wax

Ok, once again, it's been a couple of months. But BOY do I have some "tripletisms" to share.....

Let's start with Abbey. You should be warned, the minute you find out you're pregnant with a girl, that it's going to be a roller coaster of emotions!
Yes, I am and was a girl, but I don't remember the emotions! WOW. Ok, my kids heard the word "puberty" and asked me what that was. SO, I told them what any sane mother would tell her 7 year old triplets; "It's when your voice becomes a little different." That's it. I didn't go into any other details! SOMEHOW though, my daughter learned that "boobs" are also a part of puberty. Not sure where that came from - still under investigation! So, she pulled up her shirt the other night, and asked me if I thought they looked any bigger!
Then, later she came to me and said "Look at how long my legs are getting!"
"Wow," I said "they sure are!"
She said "Look at how long my arms are! I for sure have a little bit of puberty! By the way mommy, does my voice sound different to you? Listen to me sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star for a minute."
Yes, my little girl is in the midst of wanting to be big, yet still being very little! It was cute and sad all at the same time! I played along, and said "yes, I guess you are getting MAYBE a very little tiny bit of puberty, but you still have a LONG way to go baby!"

Later that night, as I was tucking them in, and saying prayers with them, I came to my little girl, and she asked me more questions about puberty. I answered as age apporpriate as I could, then said "don't grow up too fast honey. Someday you'll wish you DIDN"T get puberty."
She thought a minute, and then the tears came. The came in a torrentual downpour! I asked "Whats wrong? you were just smiling and pumping your fist in the air, cuz you were happy about getting bigger! Why are you crying!?" I was truly perplexed......Then she said "I don't want to be big. I want to still be your baby, and not grow up!"
My heart broke for her. I'm not sure what she's going through right now. But I know I need to tread carefully. I'm not sure what to say, yet I feel the need to just hold her more than say anything.
I ended up letting her come to my room, and cuddle. I let her be my baby for the night. And the next day? She had her babies out, and was diapering them up, and playing little mommy again. Not another word about puberty.

I love holding on to the innosence. Trevor is a little mommy's boy right now. He constantly worries about me, asking "Is mommy ok?"
"Yes Trevor"
he replies "Ok, just checking"
I asked him one day "Why are you always coming back from inside, or into the room I'm in just to ask if I'm ok honey?" and he told me at first that he didn't want to say. I told him whatever it was, it's ok, that I was just curious.
He then told me "I'm just afraid that I'm going to look for you , and you'll be dead."
UGH. I think this past Mothers Day when I shared my testimony, he caught on to more than he ever has. I can't think why else he would have that in his head. Maybe it's the age? I dunno. Whatever the reason, it broke my heart. I assured him that I'm not going anywhere.
You may ask, "how can you say that? You don't know what tomorrow holds!" But I do know Who holds my hand! I know that I've almost died before, but HE brought me back into living!
I've been septic, and He's healed me! I've had a brain tumor, and He took it away and left scar tissue just to prove that He did something with something! So, yes, I feel that I can say with some assurance, that He has a plan, and that the plan for me is to raise my babies!
Trevor is a smart boy though. Not much gets by him. He's always coming up with questions that you would think ' really? and you're only seven?' ha ha
But then, he's the one that gets the most into the whole Santa business! Last year, my brother and sister in laws kids told my kids that Santa is dead. I told them "He's dead for them, but not for us." and they were ok with that. They just trust what I say. Recently, my sister and one of my best friends had a discussion that I stayed out of. Neither ever let their kids believe in Santa, they just "played" Santa. That's fine. I'm not knocking that at all! After all, Jesus is the real reason for Christmas.
But the reason behind my sisters thinking, was that if she let her kids believe in Santa, only to find out he's not real, then they'd grow up wondering if she lied to them about Jesus too!
I believed in Santa till I was 7 or 8 and then found out that Santa was my mom and dad. I was fine with that. Since then, any questioning of my faith came from the natural growing process, not from my parents letting me believe in Santa as a child. That NEVER once entered my mind. SO, I think I'll let them keep that innocense just a little bit longer.
As we went to the fire hall to see Santa the other night, we were walking to the door, and Trevor wanted to know if it was the real Santa inside. I reminded him that Santa has lots of helpers, so it could be that it was one of the helpers. Then he said "Well, if it's the real Santa, where'd he put his sleigh?" LOL Then they all decided that it was either a helper, or that Santa didn't bring the sleigh knowing that there'd be no place to park it, because the streets where too full with cars!

We were late getting decorations up for Christmas this year. But they are finally up! It was Dylans year to put the star on the tree, Trevor did it last year, and next year is Abbey. They just started asking last year to do it, so we are now taking turns. They all love to help decorate, and they love the candles and houses mommy puts out. I'll light candles, and they want to blow them out.
So, at night before we go to bed, I let them blow them. The other night, I was in the bathroom, and Trevor followed me in and was having a chat, not caring that I was "doing my business" as he calls it! LOL
All of a sudden we heard blood curdling screams from both his brother and his sister! He ran out to see what was happening, and at the same time Abbey came in crying hysterically about Dylan getting something in his eye! I got out of her, that she didn't know what had happened, but when she heard her brother scream and hold his eye, she was afraid for him, and started screaming and crying too!
I went to find out what happened, and Dave told me that Dylan was helping blow out candles, and had blown on one too hard, and some wax blew back at him in the face! My poor baby got hot wax on his eyelid and cheeck, and it wasn't pretty! He turned out to be ok. It hurt, but I think it was more scary than anything! I was holding him, and getting residual wax off his cheek, and he was starting to calm down. Abbey came to sit beside us and was having a hard time controlling her tears. I told her that he was "fine, and that he'd even stopped crying, so don't worry!"
Just then, he started to have this deep saddness kind of cry, and she said "he's still crying!" So she joined in. Dylan said "But it's not about that!" Abbey and I both asked him "what's it about then?"
Well, he told me he wanted to tell me in my ear. Which is a very poplular thing right now around here to do! He and I went back to my room, and I knelt in front of him and asked him why he was so utterly sad if it didn't hurt so much anymore?
I had already even told him he could stay in my room for the night, and I could keep an eye on his eye!
He looked at my with all his seven years, and wailed "because I'm afraid when I'm sleeping with you, that while we're asleep, I"M GONNA DIIIIEEEEEee!" and he fell into my arms.
OH, how my heart broke for him!!! I held him and said "Oh honey, you are NOT going to die. You're fine. I promise you that you will NOT be dying." That's all it took. He just trusted that, and as he held on to my neck for dear life, he simply replied through his tears "Oookay Momma!"

It's occures to me every once in a while, moreso at times like these than at others, that I have three little beings that totally trust me. They totally trust what I say and what I do! I'm praying that I can be the person they need me to be. That I'm the mom that God intends for me to be. That I teach them His ways, while instilling in them what a loving God He is. That I correct them, while letting them know that it's only because I love them and want them to be good people. That although I'll screw up, more than I'd like, that I'll be a big enough person to admit my faults to them, and work things out together. But that their faith will always be in God before me. I'm not totally sure how to do all of this, but I'm working on it............

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lovey Dovey Boys

I'm soooooo blessed! I love having boys. Yes, I love my girl. Don't you ever think that I don't! However, there's just something that Boys do for their mommies that no one else can do!
They compliment. They love unconditionaly. They adore. They take care of their mommies.

This morning after waking up. I wasn't quite ready to get up since I only had about 2 hours of sleep. I told the kids they could hang out in my room or play in theirs, but to give mommy a few more minutes!
Next thing I knew, I felt someone get on the bed behind me, ever so quietly and carefully. Then this little person started to gently rub my arm and hair. After a few minutes of doing this, I heard whispered in my ear "I'll be right back" and then a blankie was put over my arm so I didn't get chilly. It was Trevor, and he's been ever so lovey dovey lately. He always has been, but lately it's been HUGE.
When he came back in, Dylan came in behind him, saw what he was doing for me, and decided he would do the same. So there I lay, with my two little men pampering me, and taking care of their mamma. It was ever so sweet!


Ok, I have GOT to tell you all about the little trip the kids and I took today. I took them to the Wood County Historical Museum. It was very interesting. They loved looking at all of the "really old stuff" just like their momma does!
The museum is actually the old County Home. It housed the poor back in the late 1800's and early 1900's. There was a lot of GREAT history there! While there though, we went to look at the "Asylum" where the "crazy people" went to. It's actually called "The Lunatic House."
There was a list in there of different reasons why someone would have been sent to the House back in the day......some where these; Constipation, Masturbation, Religion, talking out loud to God, Women's weaknesses, and the list goes on.......Ridiculous!!!!
OK, so we're looking in this place at these very tiny rooms, and I was trying to explain to the kids how unfair it was that some people were put in there, and there really wasn't anything wrong with them!
I explained that sometimes if someone had a problem going potty, then they put them in the "Crazy House." I told them "if someone loved Jesus, and talked to Him alot, they put them in the crazy house sometimes!" Then I whispered to them, (although we were the only ones in there at the time) "sometimes, if people played with their pee pees, they put them in the crazy house!"
They thought all of this was absolutely LUDICROUS! The rooms were interestingly small. There were bars on the windows. One room had an open Bible on a trunk in the corner, and some playing cards on the small bed. They concluded that this was the persons room who loved Jesus, so the people thought they were crazy and put them in this room.

Well, tonight after all was said and done. Supper was over, baths had been taken, and we were ready for bed. I asked Dylan "Did you tell daddy about the Crazy House?" and he said "Oh no, I didn't...."
He went to find his daddy, and I listened from outside the door of the room they were in. The conversation was totally one sided, as Dylan explained some things, and I listened intently!

"Daddy, we went to the museum, and we saw the crazy house and there was a room that was purple and one that was blue, and the one that was blue had a Bible because the person loved Jesus, and so they put him in there with bars on the windows because he wanted to get out because he wasn't crazy, but he left his Bible and his cards there, and they played with their weenies, and he died."

So yea, I had to do a bit more explaining after hearing that. To Dave, and then to Dylan. But only AFTER I got my giggles under control!

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Port A Potties, German Writings, and Two-Wheelers - a MUST READ

Ok, we'll start with Trevor, then on to Abbey then Dylan......................

Two-Wheelers - I bought a small two wheel bike (meaning, no training wheels) for Trevor at Goodwill, for two dollars! It's a girls bike, but it's never even been mentioned by him that it is not a boys bike. It's pink, purple and blue with a pink baby seat in the back. He has just as much fun as any kid, with no inhibitions, which I LOVE about him. He carries dolls, bottled drinks, or "boulders" back there, and never cares one whit whether or not anyone would think it funny that he's riding a girls bike. It's just never crossed his mind! I love his innocence. Almost every day he asks if he can go ride his two wheeler. Ever since he taught himself to do it, in about a day, he is addicted to riding it. Now we have to get him used to riding his own bike without training wheels!

Secondly, I have to tell this little funny. We went to a graduation party today of the daughter of a friend of ours. I explained to the kids whose party we were going to, and what the party was for, last night. SO, this morning, Abbey was playing on, and she came and asked me if I could print something out for Nicole (the graduate). I came and printed out this card that she made.
Ihpeuhv grat prde frum joley dav trevor abbey and dylan wer 6.7 son jlea ate
wenizurbirdea we luv u

translation - I hope you have a great party. From Julie, Dave, Trevor, Abbey and Dylan. We are 6, soon to be 7 on July 8. When is your birthday? We Love You.

The funniest part is this........................
When Nicole read her card, I of course had to do a little translating, and when we were finished she said this "Aw, that's so great Abbey. " then to me she asked "What language is that, German?" I laughed, "no, it's "six year old" language." ROFL

Ok, and last but certainly not least, we'll do Dylans Funny.......
We went to Trevors C-Ball game today, and got a little lost for this "away" game. When we finally got there, Dylan had to pee pretty bad. (even though we had already stopped and he peed on the side of the road along a bunch of trees)
I took him to the Port a Potty, and waited outside the door. He was taking SO long. I asked him if he was about done, and he yelled out "not done yet." And then proceeded to take a LONG time. So I opened the door, and he turned to look at me and every so seriously, with pee dripping from his hair, eyebrows, face, nose etc, said "I don't want to talk about it."

I about LOST it~ I asked him what happened and he said "I'm cleaning it up. I don't want to talk about it." So, I helped him clean up, through my laughter. We both laughed for a while, then he asked me to stop, because I might embarrass him.

I'm still having a hard time getting that image out of my head. ROFLMBO

Monday, April 14, 2008

The Meaning of Hospitable

Ok, this is quite funny. While we were at mom and dad's this past week, we were discussing the meaning of some words, one of them was "Hospitable." I explained it to everyone, and later the boys asked me to repeat the meaning for them, so I did.

Later that night I asked Trevor to tell Mammy and Pappy the meaning of Hospitable. Trevor said "I can't, I'm too shy."

So, I asked Dylan to tell them and he said this;

"SHEESH!!! You mean, they don't know?" (yes, his voice went up like that.

Mom and I had the hardest time not giggling,but I then said, "no, they don't, could you tell them?"

And he replied "Sheesh, Didn't their mom tell them???"

I then lost it!!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

I WANT to love God

This morning before church really even started; Trevor, for some reason, came to me this morning at church, out of the blue and told me "mommy" he whispered, "my head doesn't want me to love God, but I do. In here," he pointed to his chest, "in here I do mommy, it's just that my head doesn't want me to."

WOW, what a statement! Out of the Mouths Of Babes, they say, right?

Our heads tell us, "this is ridiculous, what am I doing? Is God even there? Does He care?" But it's called Faith. And in our hearts, we just have to decide that He is what we want. That we do love Him, because we KNOW that He loves us!

For a SIX year old to share his faith with me like that, all on his little own, I know that My God Real, and I know that He has big plans for my little boy. WOW.

Saturday, March 29, 2008


I was just (through an odd series of events on the computer and in my head - haha) on another bloggers site. For those of you who know me well, or who have heard me speak and sing and share my story, you know what my family has been through. It's been rough.
This other blog that I was on, brought back A LOT of memories. A mother has been told that her daughter will not be born. I remember the day when they told us the same thing. When the doctor so coldly told us that she probably wouldn't live, BUT if she did, she would/could be deformed or at the very least, very small and might not make it very long.
But I also remember the events in my life over the next days like they were yesterday, and the way that God made it clear to me that HE and only HE was in charge of whether or not my baby girl lived or died. And He made it abundantly clear that she would LIVE!
Not only did she live, but she was my BIGGEST baby!!
Please pray with me for this woman, this sister in Christ for her baby girl. Please pray that the Lord would give them a peace like He gave me that dreadful day. That VERY day he started to speak to my heart. Pray that this will happen for this woman also. God Is Good! If you've never heard about this before, please feel free to read MY STORY on and again I say, God Is Good

Monday, March 24, 2008


With just having had Easter, and talking about the Crucifixion and what that means to us, it's been on everyone's minds here in our house.
I thought I'd share a few things about that.
For the first time, on Christmas Eve, the Triplets took Communion. Our church believes in 'open communion' in which anyone who has a personal love and relationship with Jesus Christ, and understands that they are taking it to basically thank Him, and remember Him, are welcome to participate. So we talked and talked and talked it over.
The kids did SO well. They were very reverent. I told them that as we went up to get the bread and'wine' that they should say "Thank You" to Jesus. So they did that.
NOW, here comes Easter. We don't have communion every Sunday like some churches might, so I'm not sure if there was another one between Christmas and Maundy Thursday Service or not. However, we once again decided to let the kids do it. Again, they were full of questions, and were telling US what they knew about it all.
Then there was a conversation something like this:

"Dylan, why do we take communion?"
"Because Jesus died for us!"
"Why did He die for us?"
"So we can LIVE!!"

Just so you know, that is not how I worded things with him when I explained it all, but that's what he got from everything, and I'm SO proud of him.
I'll write more on a couple of things about Abbey and Trevor tomorrow, but my eyes are droopy and my head is nodding! Good Night all.............

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sunny Day Homeschool

Today was SO nice. It's cold, but really sunny and the birds are out and about again!
The kids and I went out, and were going to take a walk or ride bikes, but somehow we ended up picking up sticks instead. We talked about "Community" and what that means, and how picking up sticks and making our community look nice, was a good thing to do. It not only helps our community, it makes God happy.
THAT"S what I like about homeschooling. THAT'S how I want to do things. Not were someone is keeping track of how many hours (5 a day) I'm doing, and what I'm doing. I thought that was what I needed, but I'm finding that I'm a pretty good teacher WITHOUT that step by step instruction. They learned more by doing that today, about community, than if we had done a paper on community.
SO, next year, we are going to home school on our own. No more Internet school. At least not now. Maybe when they're older. I'm excited about next year already. We've got LOTS of books and cool things for school next year already!!! WOOHOO!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Can't Believe It's Been So Long! - Birthday & "Beautiful as a Rose"

I Cannot believe that I haven't written in a YEAR!! What is WRONG with me? (look below, it's like almost a year to the exact day!!! I did NOT do that on purpose! ha ha)
Wow, there's so much to tell, I probably won't get it all in this post. The kids and I are already planning their July Birthday party. We are going to have a Royal Ball. We're all so excited.
Abbey of course wants to be a Princess and the boys decided they would be Knights.
I'm hoping to have it at the Grotto in the back of Nazareth Hall, this BEAUTIFUL place down the street from us, that LOOKS like a castle. The kids think it is anyways. The yard out back and Grotto are Gorgeous. I meet with a lady from there (one of the owners) on Friday, so I'm hoping I can do it there for a VERY reasonable price, otherwise, the party will be in the church fellowship hall, and we'll just decorate it to our liking.

I have to share this tidbit. The other day, the kids and I went to my friend Mary's house to bake Easter Cookies. The kids went with her to walk the dogs, while I stayed at the house to read my book and just vegetate. I gave Trevor my cell phone, and told them that if they wanted to call me, that they could, but only if they needed to, and not too much. So, of course, they were ecstatic. I put her house number in, so that all he'd have to do is push the Send button twice, and "viola!"
SO, of course, not long after they left, the phone rang. It was Trevor, and he told me "I love you mommy."
I said "I love you too."
Then he said "You Are As Beautiful As A Rose." aaaaawwwwwww