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Welcome to T.A.D.ay in the Life!

Welcome to T.A.D.ay in the Life!
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Thursday, July 20, 2006

What a Week this has been!!!

Ok, Monday, was OK. Not really very eventful. As a matter of fact, I can't even remember at this point, if ANYTHING even happened, except my first appointment to the Pain Management Doctor. (more to come on that later!) However, on Tuesaday, things got pretty hairy around here. In the morning the neighbor girls came over to play, and while they were here, the kids were running around having a good time, and then the boys.....well, Dylan was coming up the hallway full speed, and Trevor was coming through the living room at full speed, and of course, the two met in the middle, HEAD ON, HARD!!!! They hit head to eye and boom, both fell back flat on their backs! They immediately started to scream and then cry. I picked them both up and held them and we rocked, and like TWO seconds later, they started to fall asleep! I was worried about that, so I had Dave call the ER and ask them about it. He talked to the Nursing supervisor on duty, and she told us what to watch for. Needless to say, the boys were up and running in about 5 minutes. Goose eggs on their little heads, but doing fine. Part two of our day... We all decided to go for a walk. Me the kids and the girls. So, we're about halfway to downtown, and Dylan falls. He's ok. We get a little further, and he tripped on the uneven sidewalk and all was NOT well. He scraped his knee up pretty good. UGH. So, we went to Amy's house to see if we could take a rest and get a bandaid. She wasn't home. I found another friend, and they gave us a bandaid. Then we all walked downtown and got a snack with the change that I was able to scrape together before we left. We went and they played on the playground before we started home. When we got back, I got sandwhiches for those that wanted one, and then my trio toook a nap.......the day's over you think.....????? THINK AGAIN....AFTER naps, we decided to go bike riding. I also got out the battery powered bikes/cars that the neighbors gave us. A John Deere Tractor, and a Four Wheeler, and also the bikes. We saw that the neighbor and her little boy and baby were getting out to ride also. SO we went outside and they came over and rode with us. The kids were ALL having so much fun. We were seriously out there for a couple of hours and having such a good time. Jennifer and I were having a really nice time talking and just hanging out too!! And then it happened!!!!!!!!! Ryan (Jennifers two year old) decided to sit in the parking lot and blow bubbles. No body really noticed and then Dylan, who hadn't been riding the four wheeler, but decided to try, drove right into and then OVER Ryan!!!! O MY GOODNESS it was sooooooo scary for us all. I yelled at Dylan to stop, but he couldn't coordinate himself well enough to stop or turn quick enough. He was completely on TOP of Ryan by the time I could get there get him off the bike and pull it off of Ryan who was screaming his head off. Poor little guy. I picked him up and handed him to Jennifer and took the baby for her. We walked them home and EVERYONE was crying. (Jennifer and I were both on the verge and ALL of the kids were crying) Dylan felt REALLY bad. We went over as a family later and gave Ryan a card and a stuffed Bear from Stuff a Friend dressed as a dr. to say we're sorry) UGH. I went over again last night (thursday) and checked on him again, and he was fine! shwew! He came up and just hugged me and layed on my shoulder then kissed me. It was sooooo sweet. He's such a sweet little guy! I felt bad though, cuz Jennifer said "I didn't get that good of a hug when I came home from work!" :( SO we'll see how today goes! Hopefully better than the rest of the week. OH in the midst of ALL of that Tuesday night, Dave informed me that we may not be able to go to family camp! :( The church may not have the money to pay for it, and WE definatley don't. wwwaaaahhhhh Pray that we get to go. We really need it.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Not Prepared for Losing

The girls from next door came over to play with the kids. I got a bunch of their games out that we've recently gotten from garage sales. We've gotten quite a collection recently. Anyway, not too long after they all started playing, Abbey came into my room crying (fussing really) and saying "The Girls Just Keep Letting me LOSE AND LOSE AND LOSE!!!" It's very different playing with 10 and 11 year olds than her 5 year old brothers. ha ha Poor baby. I had to tell her that sometimes that just happens. Aaaahhh, lessons learned.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Birthday Bash!!

Today was the trio's b-day. Of all times to have a "town parade" it was TODAY! And, not to mention, they also got to be in the parade. It was HOT, but fun. They lost several balloons before the parade got started, but they had alot of fun. This evening, we had a small party. The neighbor girls came over, Wade and Jill, and my friend Jennifer from across the street with her little boy, Ryan. They Stuffed A Friend, one of my new "ventures" and then we ate pizza and had a pinata! It was a fun time! They got lots of goodies! And had a good time.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Our ZOO trip

We all went to the zoo. Dave, me and the kids. It was a fun, but HOT and crazy day. We did get some nice pictures in the garden area, and just a nice time hanging out together. Well, on our way home, Dave told me that he had been feeling "odd." Here, he had been feeling dizzy, and the left side of his face and arm had been feeling "tingly" UH OH. So, we went to the ER. They did an EKG, but it was fine, so they said that it was a "panic attack." He's since started on some meds. He said "what an odd place to have a panic attack. I was totally at ease having a good time." But he's been working on his courses, and I think that subconcously he was thinking about getting those done. He's been under alot of stress. SO, when we got home, he was feeling much better, and I needed to be at an Arts Council Board Meeting (late) so the plan was for me to go (we discussed this on the way home) and he was going to get the kids a bath and sandwhich, and to bed. We get out of the car, and Dylan sighs BIG, and says "Mommy! I'm Tired, I'm Hungry, and I need a BATH!" ROFL, what a cute ending to an ODD day! (dave's been doing ok by the way)

Monday, July 03, 2006

The Staiger Men

The other day, it was "Abbey's Turn." What I mean is this. Every week, each of the kids takes turns going with me to the bank and the grocery store. AND if they choose, and sometimes they do, all of them go. It's so cute. They will come whisper to me if they see that the other two are sad, and say "mommy, it's ok if everyone goes." ha ha But they really like their "turn." Well, on this particular day it was Abbey's turn. While she went with me, the boys helped daddy mow the back lawn. Dave called me while they were out and said that after they were done, he offered to let the boys play in the sprinkler, but they turned it down saying they were "too hot." So, all my men came inside, and Dave let them each have their own can of Soda. He said they all sat down and Trevor sat back on the couch with his pop can and said "aaaahhhh, this is the life!" LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Future Church!!

Is right in my own home!!! Can you believe it?? Ok, get this, today after church the kids were in the fellowship hall. We had had our VBS program, and they were hungry the entire time. We hadn't really eaten before church, then I was busy when we got there, so I grab them each a mini muffin, but that's it. SO, after church we were in the fellowship hall, and they were eating a donut. I told them all to just "stay put" and I had to go over to the sanctuary and get some things and I'd be right back. However, I got to talking, and forgot they were over there by themselves waiting for me. SO, thinking that they were wreaking havoc, or just GONE, I hurried over. You'll never believe what I saw......... Trevor was standing on a chair in and was up to the podium. Abbey was sitting in a chair right in front of him, with her hands politely in her lap, and Dylan was at the piano! I went in quietly and sat beside Abigail, to see what exactly they were doing. Trevor was saying something, not sure what, but then said "scary" and Dylan started to play low notes on the piano SLOWLY. Then Trevor said "Happy" and Dylan played high notes quickly. So I, sitting there quite perplexed by this said "silly" and he played notes ALL OVER the piano. I just thought that was the coolest thing. Then Trevor suddenly said "Abbey's turn!" and Abbey stepped up on the chair and said "come....listen.....sad..." and Dylan would play low notes really slow....and on it went. It was marvelous. To come up with that all on their own. They didn't fight. They all had their "place" and just did their job. And for Dylan to know what to play, Low notes for sad or scary...High notes for happy and silly etc. Just amazed me. I have some AWESOME kids. Ya know that??