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Welcome to T.A.D.ay in the Life!

Welcome to T.A.D.ay in the Life!
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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Such a polite boy...

The kids and I went to the store this evening to get some last minute things that we needed to finish Dave's Father's Day gift. On the way home we got dinner. Abbey was REALLY thirsty. She drank all of her apple juice and wanted more. Trevor wasn't drinking his at ALL but refused to share with her. Finally I asked Dylan if she could have just a sip of his. He said "no" and I'm thinking "great!" but then he followed up with "I'm Sorry, but it's all gone!" How polite. heehee He did actually sound very apologetic about it. It was so cute.

Grown Up Talk

Sometimes the things that the kids say, are SO stinkin funny. Abbey told Dave that "mommy said............" (can't remember what it was right now) and he said to her "oh yea? when was that?" and Abbey told him "I believe it was Wednesday." hilarious!! Where did that come from??? ha ha ha

Cleaning Up

The kids have been having "Chores" every day. I am sick and tired of a messy house and stepping on toys! SO....every day, they have been made to pick up their toys and put them away and also, I've been showing them how to make their beds. This morning as I was "cracking the whip" so to speak, I went into the boys room to find Trevor already making his bed all by himself without being told yet! It was the first time he was even going to have to make his bed on his own anyway, and he did it without being asked to! What a boy! They've been doing really well.

Friday, June 16, 2006

PS to Garage Sales

Another thing that happened while at the Garage Sales. We were walking down a sidewalk and all of a sudden, (Jill was behind me and Dylan) Jill kind of just yelled or something. Yelped is more like it. I thought something bad happened. Like someone got hurt, or a car was coming etc. I jumped around to see what happened and Jill was pointing to Dylan. I looked down and Dylan's pants were down around his ankles. Later in the day when it was just me and the kids, his pants had fallen down so many times that I finally just took them off. He had gray Spider Man boxers on that looked like he was wearing shorts, so.....yeah,we just took them off right in the middle of a ritzy neighborhood and let him go in his boxers. LOL Also, at some point I must have said to Jill and/or Kelly, that "Dave will have a cow" if I brought such and such home from garage sales. BECAUSE, on the way home, out of the blue hours later, Abbey said "Daddy's going to have a cow in your house Mom!" LOL

Ride with WHO????

We went "garage sailing" today. Me and the kids and Jill and Kelly. Jill and Kelly came over then we followed them out to Waterville. Trevor rode with Jill and Kelly and then after we got there it was Sissy's turn. Somewhere in there, Dylan got confused on what Kelly's name was, (she's "Gracie's Mommy" and "sissy's riding with Kelly and Jill etc where things that he heard). We were leaving a garage sale, and he was holding my hand. Very LOUDLY he said "Mommy, Can I ride in Pissy's car now?" ROFL, My head just shot around to him and said "WHAT?" and so he repeated it. I laughed soooo hard. The lady at the garage sale evidently heard him and just looked at me laughing and shaking her head like "kids, gotta love em." LOL

Monday, June 12, 2006

Awesome, Lovely, Expensive!!!

We have three words that are very popular in our family right now. Trevor walked into his and Dylan's bedroom after I did a MAJOR cleaning last week, and said "MOM!!, this is AWESOME!!!" Abbey thinks things are "lovely." And Dylan, for some reason calls people Expensive when he's mad at them. The only thing I can think of, is that when they are just overwhelming me, and the day is just Non Stop crazy!!, I've said to them "you are EXHAUSTING!!!" So, I think that's what he's telling me (or whoever) when he says "You Are EXPENSIVE!!!" The first time I realized it, the kids were all in the back seat arguing, and Trevor called out "MOOOMMM!!! Dylan called me EXPENSIVE!!!" LOL

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Clowns and Scrappers

I don't know how many times I've mentioned this, but Trevor is such a clown!! He does little things to crack up the other two, and then when he sees that he's getting them to laugh, he'll just keep doing it until everyone in the house is laughing, and what he's doing isn't even funny!! LOL
Then there's Dylan who has discovered "funny faces." I caught him looking at himself in the mirror when we were at mammy and pappy's house making faces at himself. He must have realized that they were funny faces, cuz he often comes out of the bathroom even now, making faces at me to get me to laugh. Little stinkers.
I've been scrapbooking at the dining room table the last few days while the kids play outside. However, they eventually end up coming inside to "help" me. So, I give them some of my punches and scissors (the safe ones) and sit them on the floor (because the table is too crowded with all of my treasures up there) and they sit and make shapes for me, or cut out things that resemble Sponge Bob, huge numbers and letters, and "Giant Toothbrushes" just to name a few.
We've had a good time.