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Welcome to T.A.D.ay in the Life!

Welcome to T.A.D.ay in the Life!
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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

One of the funniest sites ever...........

Sarah was over this evening. We were getting ready to go to Hosanna so that I could practice with Tim, Mark and Denver, and see if it would work with me being part of their quartet. (which, I'm very flattered that they wanted me by the way)
Anyway, Sarah and I were in the kitchen talking, and getting ready to go. I still had to get Abbey dressed to go. Abbey started to cry, and fuss at the boys. I didn't run right there, cuz it was more like a "upset at the boys" cry, than a "hurt" cry. I walked into the living room, and there stands Abbey with just a shirt on, nothing else, bawling her head off and saying "Trevor took my pants!!!" Sure enough, he did!! Sarah and I looked at each other, and both had a hard time not busting out laughing, because she's standing there totally pantsless, and crying about it, instead of getting her pants and putting them on.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Daddy's Birthday

The kids went with me, and we bought daddy some birthday presents. A pair of sweat pants, a t-shirt that says "I let my mind wander, and it never came back." and a sweat jacket to match the pants.
I made a cake, and we carried it to daddy and sang happy birthday. He loved his gifts. And the trio loved eating the cake!!!

Monday, November 28, 2005

Stinky Stench!

Ok, this is so crude, but so "stinkin" funny. This morning, Trevor had some MAJOR bad gas. Dylan was sitting on my lap, and Trevor came quietly up beside the chair, and was just standing there watching Ploar Express with us.
All of a sudden, I smell something. I ask, "who did that?" and look to see that Trevor has a "I did" look on his face.
So, I say "Trevor!! Did you fart?" and he grinned and said yeah, but had a look on his face like he was afraid he did more than that.
I asked "Trevor, you didn't poop your pants did you?" And he paused and then said "Let me check" and pulled his pants down.,!!!!!
ha ha ha ha ha ha I laughed right out loud, SO hard. KIDS!!!

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Talking to Jesus

Last night, Dave went over John 3:16 with the kids before bed. Which he has done in the past, but not for a while. Well, after they got done saying it last night, and everyone was in bed. Dave was "camping" in the boys room with them, and in the quiet dark, Dave heard Trevor say "Jesus, Do you love me?"

Broke My Heart

Oh, my heart just broke today. I was leaving just to run an errand, and coming right back. Dylan is ALWAYS wanting to go with me. And it seems I've gone to alot of meetings and things lately, where they can't go with me. I told him "no, next time." He said to me as he cried and walked into his room"I keep asking and asking,and you always keep saying, next time."
So, what did I do? I got that boy's coat and socks and shoes, and he and I ran errands together. Tomorrow night is Abbey's turn. (to the Jam Session) and then Monday, I'll find a reason to take Trevor somewhere.
Man, I love these guys.

Saturday, November 19, 2005


Oh, in our house we love pink..............most of the time. Right now, we don't. The boys both have pink eye!!
UGH, poor baby's. Dylan is the worst. Both his little eyes looked sooooo bad. I wanted to take a pic, but didn't have a card in my digital,or film for my 35mm. GGGggrrrr. Poor little guy. I took them to the dr.,because Trevor was also saying that he didn't feel good. Actually, he kept saying "mommy, Trevor doesn't feel good."

When the dr. looked at them, she could see that Trevor was starting to get it also, so she wrote them both a perscription, and even one for Abbey in case she gets it. Oh, I hope not. They HATE the eye drops. The poor little guys.

They BEG me not to do it,and it just tears me up! Trevor was having an especially hard time tonight. Was crying over EVERYTHING. Then while I was giving Dylan Eyedrops, he (Trevor) walked in and stood beside me, waiting his turn to get the drops, but crying and asking me not to doit the whole time. It was pitiful! :( He squints up his little eyes, and gets the biggest boo boo lip.

Poor Dylan tells me "I'm angy! Don't do any more eye drops."

They do look better now though. So, hopefully, the will feel better soon.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Port A Potty's

The kids went with me to a meeting today at another church.
On the way there, Trevor said "mom, there's a stench!"
I wasn't sure what he was talking about until the way back, and he said it again. That's when I saw a port a potty on the side of the road at a work site. LOL
So, every time we pass that, they all say "there's Stenchy!!"

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Daddy Dave, and Mommy Julie....

For some reason, Dylan has been calling Dave, "daddy Dave." I'm leary of this for one major reason. If people that don't know us hear that, they are going to wonder "how many daddy's does the kid have?"
So, I started thinking about why he might be doing this,so that I at least would have something to say when people hear him say this. I finally figured out that it was probably the fact that he hears people call Dave "Pastor Dave" all of the time, and it's logical to him to call him"Daddy Dave."
Well, tonight he blew that out of the water, by calling me "mommy Julie."
I don't know what to do with that kid!! ha ha ha

Ask Jesus for More Leaves.....

Ok, you're probably sick of the Leaf thing here, but it was all very important to us!!! You've gotta understand, we had SO much fun!!!
Today, they were looking out the window again, and said something again about the leaves. Dylan said "mom, ask Jesus for more!"
So, I looked skyward, and said "Jesus, could we please have more leaves to play in?" Then I looked back toward the kids......Abbey said "now, say thank you!"

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Big Bad Wind......

Well, we were disturbed last night by some terrible winds. I wanted to cry, knowing that our leaves were going to be gone by morning.
Sure enough, they were pretty much all gone. The kids looked out the window, and that's the first thing they noticed. Dylan said "Mom!!! Our leaves are all gone!!! That's not very nice!!!"
Indeed, it wasn't very nice. :(

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Playing in the Leaves!!!

Wow, did we have fun in the leaves. We've played some in them the last couple of days, but especially today.
After we ate breakfast at the church, we went out to play in the thousands of golden leaves in our front yard. We raked, piled, jumped, threw and buried....
We made a "house" out of the leaves, but raking out "rooms" and "hallways" like my mom used to do for me and Jamie when we were little. Then of course, we jumped in them.....We gathered them up and chased each other, and threw them, we buried each other in them (this is just me and the kids by the way, I was acting like a total child heehee). I even let them bury me, and they thought that was wonderful.....I have a GREAT picture of them, I also need to get put on here. I know I know, I'm bad about that, but I really will put halloween and leaf pics on here within the next week. Ok?
We played hide and go seek too. It was such a great day out. Weather wise, and other wise. One car with an older woman, and what appeared to maybe be her daughter stopped just to watch us play. Our neighbor from across the street came over to watch and just talk for a minute. We were the talk of the town,but we sure did have fun!