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Welcome to T.A.D.ay in the Life!

Welcome to T.A.D.ay in the Life!
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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Just How "serious" is George?

Last night putting Abbey to bed, she asked me for a certain toy. I didn't understand what she was saying. So, I asked her to repeat it! She said "I WANT MY SERIOUS GEORGE!!" LOL, I had gotten them some kids meals at Wendy's that day for lunch, and a Curious George toy was in it...........

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Catching Up

Hey all! Sorry I haven't updated in a while. It's not that there hasn't been anything cute or funny, or weird, or.......well, you know, going on, I've just been lazy I suppose. Ok, so here goes. We'll start with Abbey: Let's see. She's becoming quite a "girly girl" and yes, she's 4 going on 14. She has this attitude going right now, that HAS to be broken, before we go nuts!! She does this little "ggrrr" and stomp her foot thing when she doesn't get her way. But, can turn around and be the sweetest thing you've ever met!! She's a wild woman. Already emotional!! Oyvay!!! Oh, this is hilarious, Dave gave her a cookie, and she spit it out and gave it back to him and said "you're trying to kill me!!" Don't know where THAT came from, but it cracked us up!!! OK, on to Dylan. He has such a temper, like I've said before. But when he's not "angry" as he would say, he's as sweet and cuddly as can be. Trevor is a big ole stinker as usual. He always just has that sly little smile on his face like he's up to something. And he usually is more often than not!! LOL I promise I'll share more soon!!!

Friday, February 10, 2006

Trippy Fally

Ok, Abbey was almost named "Abigail Grace" the Grace, being after Dave's mom. And if we had two girls, the other girl was going to be "Hannah Jewel" the Jewel, being after my mom. Well, when we discovered we were having two boys and a girl, we decided to go with Abigail Jewel. My mom was the only one of our moms that was living, and my mom hadn't ever had anyone named after her in the family (except of course, me in a way, with Julie) So, we decided we wanted our little girl named after her, but liked Abigail better than Hannah. SO, all of that to say, that it was destined for Abbey to NOT be named GRACE. She LOVES to dance, and when she's "doing ballerina" in the living room, she does very well, and we will probably take her back to try dance classes again sometime soon. BUT, she is sooooo clumsy! LOL She could just be standing there talking to you, and then BOOM, she's on the floor. She NEVER quits moving for long, so even when she's standing there, she's moving, and then she trips herself. SO, I started calling her "trippy fally." Well, today she fell, and then started to cry. I said "come here "Grace". Can't you stand up?" And through her tears she said "no, I'm Trippy Fally."