Welcome to T.A.D.ay in the Life!

Welcome to T.A.D.ay in the Life!
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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Playing in the Leaves!!!

Wow, did we have fun in the leaves. We've played some in them the last couple of days, but especially today.
After we ate breakfast at the church, we went out to play in the thousands of golden leaves in our front yard. We raked, piled, jumped, threw and buried....
We made a "house" out of the leaves, but raking out "rooms" and "hallways" like my mom used to do for me and Jamie when we were little. Then of course, we jumped in them.....We gathered them up and chased each other, and threw them, we buried each other in them (this is just me and the kids by the way, I was acting like a total child heehee). I even let them bury me, and they thought that was wonderful.....I have a GREAT picture of them, I also need to get put on here. I know I know, I'm bad about that, but I really will put halloween and leaf pics on here within the next week. Ok?
We played hide and go seek too. It was such a great day out. Weather wise, and other wise. One car with an older woman, and what appeared to maybe be her daughter stopped just to watch us play. Our neighbor from across the street came over to watch and just talk for a minute. We were the talk of the town,but we sure did have fun!

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