Welcome to T.A.D.ay in the Life!

Welcome to T.A.D.ay in the Life!
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Monday, October 31, 2005

Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat was SO much fun! I think I was excited as the kids were. Abbey made the prettiest "Toothberry" I've ever seen. I can't wait to get some pictures on here. She wore her white dress from their Dedication, (which has three little pink roses at the top and sleeves) pink tights, a silver princess necklace, a princess ring, a wand, cute little silver and pink princess slippers, and pink wings with little pink roses on it. I got some new makeup at the Dollar Tree, and did her up good. She looked so gorgeous.
Trevor was a mighty Pirate!!! AAArrrrrgggg!!! He wore black jeans, Abbeys black boots, a red button down shirt, a rope for a belt, with a "booty bag" hanging from it with marbles in it. A sword stuck in his "belt" a pirate hat, an eye patch, and a stick on earring. I did him up with some of the makeup.......I gave him beard!! He looked SO cute.
Dylan was a Cowboy/Sherriff. I so wanted to call him "Marshall Dylan" heehee
He had on a brown vest with a sherriff badge, a cowboy hat, some handcuffs, and I gave him a mustache and a dirty face, with makeup. He looked SO stinkin cute! A deputy sherriff was going around handing out suckers from his car and when he saw Dylan said "well, now, I need to take care of you!" LOL

We saw a lot more people that we know in town this year compared to last year. It's amazing what a difference a year has made. We went to Tim Tiderman's house and when the kids went up to get candy he said to Dylan, "You know, your mommy sings like an angel!" And Dylan said as he was looking at candy "My Mommy's Not An Angel!!!"
Sheesh!!! Out of the mouths of babes??? ha ha

Brenda went with us, and we were both hurting SO bad by the time it was over. It had also rained on us a few times, the last time being the worst. During that rain, Dylan said "mom, can we go home?" Then when we cut down another road before going home to get a few more houses, he said "We lost our home!"
And then a little bit later "We can't find our home!" In this im so sad voice. Brenda and I were cracking up.

I'll get some pics on here as soon as I can.

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