Welcome to T.A.D.ay in the Life!

Welcome to T.A.D.ay in the Life!
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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Ok, I have GOT to tell you all about the little trip the kids and I took today. I took them to the Wood County Historical Museum. It was very interesting. They loved looking at all of the "really old stuff" just like their momma does!
The museum is actually the old County Home. It housed the poor back in the late 1800's and early 1900's. There was a lot of GREAT history there! While there though, we went to look at the "Asylum" where the "crazy people" went to. It's actually called "The Lunatic House."
There was a list in there of different reasons why someone would have been sent to the House back in the day......some where these; Constipation, Masturbation, Religion, talking out loud to God, Women's weaknesses, and the list goes on.......Ridiculous!!!!
OK, so we're looking in this place at these very tiny rooms, and I was trying to explain to the kids how unfair it was that some people were put in there, and there really wasn't anything wrong with them!
I explained that sometimes if someone had a problem going potty, then they put them in the "Crazy House." I told them "if someone loved Jesus, and talked to Him alot, they put them in the crazy house sometimes!" Then I whispered to them, (although we were the only ones in there at the time) "sometimes, if people played with their pee pees, they put them in the crazy house!"
They thought all of this was absolutely LUDICROUS! The rooms were interestingly small. There were bars on the windows. One room had an open Bible on a trunk in the corner, and some playing cards on the small bed. They concluded that this was the persons room who loved Jesus, so the people thought they were crazy and put them in this room.

Well, tonight after all was said and done. Supper was over, baths had been taken, and we were ready for bed. I asked Dylan "Did you tell daddy about the Crazy House?" and he said "Oh no, I didn't...."
He went to find his daddy, and I listened from outside the door of the room they were in. The conversation was totally one sided, as Dylan explained some things, and I listened intently!

"Daddy, we went to the museum, and we saw the crazy house and there was a room that was purple and one that was blue, and the one that was blue had a Bible because the person loved Jesus, and so they put him in there with bars on the windows because he wanted to get out because he wasn't crazy, but he left his Bible and his cards there, and they played with their weenies, and he died."

So yea, I had to do a bit more explaining after hearing that. To Dave, and then to Dylan. But only AFTER I got my giggles under control!


Cole Rucker said...

hahaha....that's so funny. you guys have the funniest things going on in your family!!!

TADJuls said...

haha, I know! It's NEVER a dull moment! LOL