Welcome to T.A.D.ay in the Life!

Welcome to T.A.D.ay in the Life!
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Thursday, August 12, 2010

An 'Incident'

I had to chuckle today! The kids and I were driving down the road, and all of a sudden, Dylan says (ever so seriously); "I believe there must have been an Incident back there at that park!"

It was all I could do to not bust out laughing at how he said it! He was SO serious, and I didn't even know he KNEW the word "Incident!" LOL

I asked him why he thought that, and he said, "Well, there was a man with a mask on and he had a great big round tube that was sucking stuff up!"

I don't know WHAT the man at the park was doing, but my son was right! No matter what it was, it was "An Incident!"

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AmyBarkerPhoto said...

LOL That's great!!! What a 'grown up' young man!