Welcome to T.A.D.ay in the Life!

Welcome to T.A.D.ay in the Life!
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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Being TRUE

Unfortunately, I'm still learning at 39, that there are those in this world who ACT like they will be "True" friends, and those who ARE true friends. I want to teach my kids to always be a True friend, and if they don't think they can be to any certain person, then they just need to walk away! I don't want my babies to EVER be fake!

I've met all kinds of people in this life so far. People who use, people who abuse, people who are "fair weather" friends, people who only are your friend as long as you are giving them or MAY give them what THEY want!

I want myself surrounded by friends that are truly interested in me and my life, as much as I am in theirs! I want friends that will cry with me and laugh with me and rejoice with me over accomplishments.

I never have and never WILL have room for FAKE friends. But what REALLY gulls me is FAKE friends that call themselves Christians! SHAME one THEM! They seem to be soooo "spiritual" until of course you get to know them better and realize they were only showing that part of them when it would get them somewhere. GOD KNOWS! He knows your Heart and Mind!

Yes, I've recently come to realize one of those FAKE people where NOT who I thought they were!

It made me think about my kids, and the fact that I always want them to be TRUE! I want to teach them that when you say you're a friend to someone, that that means being there for the person, but also always being true and honest and open with that person too! To be a friend, you don't use people. You treat them with respect and dignity, and you don't just "Yank Chains" everywhere you go just so people will like you! Because - EVENTUALLY they WILL find you out! Then you WILL be left with NO friends. Above all else, I want them to love people as God would have them love them! Would He lie, or mislead, or "Yank your Chain," and pretend to be interested? NOPE HE is TRULY interested in your life, and He CANNOT lie or "mislead" - He would NEVER EVER pretend to be more interested, because He just IS interested!

I can't STAND Fake, Arrogant, Misleading, Lying People!!! I WILL pray EVERY day that my children will never be like that, or have to put up with some, like the ones I've come across!

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