Welcome to T.A.D.ay in the Life!

Welcome to T.A.D.ay in the Life!
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Friday, October 13, 2006

It's Been TOOOOO Long

Goodness Ya'll!! I can't believe I haven't been on here for TWO WHOLE MONTHS. Life had been absolutely crazy for us!! Some good, some bad, some just plain nuts. I'll just throw out some updates, and funnies and play catch up. Let's see. August was just plain busy. I don't really remember it much. LOL September, my mom came and stayed two and a half weeks with us. It was GREAT. The trio and I took her home and then stayed there for a few days. I ended up sick one night, so it was a little uncomfortable. But we had a good time, and when we came home I busted a move on their school room. It looks awesome. I'll post some pictures soon. So that leads me to my lovely Colonoscopy and the entire family getting the flu in the same week!!!!!! The following week we watched a little boy for a friend (20month old). He was SO cute. The first morning he was with us, Dylan asked me "Mom, can we get one of these?" ha ha OH, there are so many things I've missed over the last two months! I feel lost! But I'm back in action, and hope to keep up with all our funnies and "moments" in our house. I have to tell you. My mom and dad came this past weekend. After breakfast on Saturday, mom, dad and I and the kids went to Walmart for some things we needed. We had eaten a big breakfast, but as we left Walmart, my little munch-hounds wanted Lunch already. Trevor had eaten the most at breakfast, and Mammie had bought "Crunch and Munch" for everyone. I asked Trev "do you want something from Burger King too? or just your snack?" He said "just my snack" So I go and get Abbey and Dylan something and we move on to go home. We are 5 miles or so away, and I hear this little voice in the back say "mom? where's my lunch?" UGH. I said "honey, I thought you just wanted your snack? Do you want something from BK?" And he just looked out the window and said "Just Forgive it!" (forget it) :) My heart broke! I felt bad not getting something for my baby boy. So, we went back and got him something too. We had a fun day though. When we were driving down the road, dad spilled his "Crunch and Munch" all over the van floor and we both just went "OOOOHHHH!" then looked at each other and cracked up! It was just a good time together. When we got home mom, dad and I watched the kids ride their bikes in the parking lot and then got tools out for the Dylan and then everyone else to take apart a wagon we don't use. (I have pics of that too, I'll post them when I get them developed it was cute) We then carved pumpkins and decorated our porch. SUNDAY was the Applebutter Festival here in town. It draws like 60,000 people to our little Village!!! It's amazing. I made chili, and wade jill and Kevin all came over to eat with us. Everything was great. We were ready to go walk, and dad got sick!!! UGH what an ending to a great weekend. We walked while he stayed here and puked. UGH UGH UGH!!!!!!!!! I'll update more from this past week in the next blog.

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