Welcome to T.A.D.ay in the Life!

Welcome to T.A.D.ay in the Life!
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Friday, October 13, 2006

Week of October 9 - Hearts and Remicade

Ok, we had a bit of a scare with Abbey. The last checkup the kids had the dr. found a murmer with Abbey. I wasn't really concerned, I just thought "ok, we'll just go do this and they'll say it's all ok, and we'll move on." However, they called last week and said "she has a small/fine hole in her heart it appears, and we'd like her to see the cardiologist." SO, I'm like OK...... hmmm..... But I still didn't feel that nervous. That girl RUNS everywhere she goes. She doesn't know the meaning of the word walk. ya know? So, Tuesday the 10th, we went to see the Cardiologist, and he was with us for about an hour and had other stuff done too, so we were there for 2 hours!!!!!! She did so well. He said she was his best and favorite patient of the day. In the end he told me that yes, there is a small hole, however, it should take care of itself. He wants us back in 9 months. The other concern orig. that I didn't realize was that they thought one of her ventricals was narrowed, which would have been a huge bad prob. He had the tech do the Echo again while he stood there. And he said "no, I do not see a narrowing at all." God is good. Was she healed? Was it never there? It doesn't matter. God gave me my miracle babies and I refuse to let anyone tell me that there is anything seriously wrong with them now! :) SO there!!!! Also, my new GI is Awesome!!! Within two months, he saw me, (and was sooooo kind and caring), Got me in for a colonoscopy (ugh), got me on some new meds, and botta boom batta bing, scheduled me for Remicade just like THAT. I had my first IV infusion this Thursday. The bills will start piling up, but it's amazing how fast he's taking care of things, after the quack that I was seeing putzed around forever!!!

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