Welcome to T.A.D.ay in the Life!

Welcome to T.A.D.ay in the Life!
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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Bug Slappers

We have a slight problem with "the fear of bugs" in our back yard, at the park etc. It's getting to the point of being pretty annoying. Abbey got stung by a bee in the back yard last year, and that didn't help matters at all. They all scream over EVERY bug they see. And Abbey refused to go outside today. I had to FORCE her out into the back yard. SO......................When I spoke for the Crohns Support group last fall, I had handed out fly swatters and told the group that they were for friends and family that just "didn't get it." LOL I had lots left over that were still in a bag on the landing at the top of the basement stairs. SO I handed the trio each TWO of them, and told them they were "bug slappers" and when they see bugs and are scared of them, to just slap them!! Except for bees of course. I told them when they see bees, to shut their eyes, stand really still and count to five, and the bee will probably be gone! So far so good. They really like their "bug slappers" and Abbey goes outside without a problem! They even all took their shoes off like mommy and played in their bare feet today!! WOWSERS!!!

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