Welcome to T.A.D.ay in the Life!

Welcome to T.A.D.ay in the Life!
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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Slightly Embarassing, Very Funny......

Ok, at the sake of embarassing the snot out of myself, not knowing who will be reading this. I'm going to tell a Trevor Story. I was getting them ready this morning to go to my friend Amy's house. She watches them for just a few hours for me on Wednesdays, just to give Dave and I time alone, or for me to clean, nap, run errands.......whatever I want. OK? So, we're running late this morning, and I had just gotten them all ready, and in their coats, and ran back to my bedroom to get myself dressed. Trevor walks in in the middle of that process.....he's always VERY complimentary to me. He will tell me I look pretty, or that he likes my new shoes, dress, whatever.....But this morning,...........and here's the embarassing part........I was putting on my bra!!! Well, it was a (ugh, can't believe I'm telling this) flowery one, and Trevor walks in and says "Oh Mommy!! I LOOOVE your Booby Diaper!!" I'm laughing so hard writing this I can hardly type. I laughed and said "my booby diaper?" cuz I wasn't sure that I heard him right, and he got this silly grin on his face like "well, that's probably not the right word is it," and started laughing too!! But then repeated it, because he knew he had said something extremely funny at this point, and wanted more laughs!!!

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Shelley said...

ROFL!! Booby diaper..that's a good one...I'll have to remember that!!!