Welcome to T.A.D.ay in the Life!

Welcome to T.A.D.ay in the Life!
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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Who Made This???

Before I get to the meaning of the title, I'll tell you a little about our day. It was SO stinkin hot out today, we really didn't feel like doing much. At one point, before nap, the trio decided to all be "jungle boys" and "jungle girl" and run around the house in their underwear yelling and jumping and climbing. ha ha
Then we took the show out to the back yard, for some "sprinkler action" and mommy even got in with them. Eventually, daddy even joined us! We had a ton of fun, and took some great pictures!!
Tonight we had movie night at church. The kids and I went over. Now, I must say, that Brenda M and I have been working on getting a garage sale together, so our newly cleaned garage, looks very cluttered right now. On our way out the back door through the garage, Dylan stopped on the steps and said in a shocked voice "Mommy!! Who DID this MESS????" I about fell over laughing. and he said "Clean it UP!" He cracks me up.
Tonight was another Aaaaawwww moment with Trevor. I had already prayed with both boys, and they decided they needed to try to go potty, and then back to bed again. I was really ready for some quiet time. Daddy was getting ready to read, so I was leaving the room, to go pray with Abbey and tuck her in too. As I was shutting the boys' door, Trevor said "mom, Wait!" I said "what Trevor" thinking, 'come on,not the potty again." and he said "I love you mom."
Now to the title. When we were leaving the fellowship hall after the movie tonight, I heard Abbey ask me something but really didn't pay much attention at first. When I asked her what, and turned to look at her, she was standing there intently admiring a beautiful rose bush beside the building, and she asked me with awe and wonder in her voice, "Mom, who made this?"
After I caught my breath, I told her "God did honey." She gave me a look like 'well, He did a good job.' Oh, my, these babies God has given me. Could I be any more blessed???? I really don't think so :)

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