Welcome to T.A.D.ay in the Life!

Welcome to T.A.D.ay in the Life!
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Friday, June 24, 2005

Meeting With Heather

Today we went to meet Heather, Gavin, Garrett and Claire in Lima. It was a good time. H and I didn't really get to talk too much, with all the kids, but it was good to get together. We decided to leave the kids at home next time, so we can just meet the two of us. The kid's all had fun together, and we drew lots of attention. LOL
I was SO proud of Abbey on the way home. She doesn't like to go in potty's that aren't "our potty's" so she wouldn't go when we were out. However, on the way home on the expressway, she screamed because she was about to go in her pants. So, I pulled way off the road, and got out the little portable potty I just bought at the store last week ( best investment in a long long time) opened the front and back passenger side doors. and put her on the potty. She told me to Leave!! so I went over by the boys and talked while she pooped and peed. Now, I'm SO proud, cuz she has this habit of saying she has to go, then if she doesn't like WHERE she has to go, she won't go, and then ends up peeing her pants. But she was just as comfy as can be going on the side of the road on that little potty. I was so proud.
Anyway, when we got home, we tried to find some fire-flys. We saw a bunch of them along side the road on the way home, but not many in our yard or the church yard. They were so cute. Whispering, and Dylan carrying the cup while we all looked around in the dark...I promised that tomorrow we'd take a walk and go look again.
OH, and one more thing. Earlier today, I had them take a little nap before we went to meet Heather and the kids. They had just each had a drink after playing outside,and Abbey said her "belly was full, and sick" so I told her "well, you need to lay down and take a nap, and it will feel better." So, she went in to take a nap, and then told me she wanted Trevor to give her a kiss. So, he came in and kissed her, and then he rubbed her hair, and said "it's ok, you just lay down, you'll feel better. It's ok" It was so cute. He's become such a little caretaker lately. He's always watching out for me and his brother and sister anymore. It's so cute. I guess all his hospital experiences have "growed him up" a bit maybe. :(

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