Welcome to T.A.D.ay in the Life!

Welcome to T.A.D.ay in the Life!
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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Cast Off!!

Trevor got his cast off for good today!! Yippee!! His little arm looks so white and scrawny! heehee but he's loving having it off.
I took all three kids, and then we went to lunch at Wendy's, and then to the grocery store. They did really well.
For some reason, the boys (especially Dylan) have decided that they are afraid of the dark. I don't know what the deal is with that. I put a night light in their room a few nights ago, and that did the trick for a night or two.
Then one night , we lost electricity, so it was REALLY dark and QUIET, so I put Abbey in their room, and layed in Dylans bed to get them all to settle.
For a couple of nights, everyone has been fine. But tonight as I type, they are ALL crying. UGH......Any ideas anyone???
The night the electricity went out, and we all layed in the boys' room, I waited until it got all quiet, and then made a noise with my mouth, and said "Oh, TREVOR! quit farting!" and they were cracking up. Then everyone was like "me now mom, me now" so I kept doing it to everyone. It was funny. We were like a bunch of teenagers laying around in the dark at a sleepover, just being silly.
WELL, today while we were walking down the Milk aisle in the store, and all of a sudden really loud Abbey does the noise thing, and says "ah mom, quit Farting!!!"
It was funny, but I told her that's only funny at home, and not in the store. ha ha ha
The boys are FINALLY doing better at the potty thing. They're really trying. They get a jelly bean or some other peice of candy if they go, or at least try to go. And they are really trying. So HOPEFULLY, by the time they turn FOUR, they will be fully trained! sheesh!
Things are going pretty great all in all. Gotta go check on the munchkins.


Crisserliz said...

julie-try putting a little battery operated candle (you can get them at the dollar store). this way if the power goes out they still have their little light. plus you can put it in their window or wherever and it looks nice in all windows! love~crystal

TADJuls said...

Great Idea Crystal!! I will do that! Thanks!!!