Welcome to T.A.D.ay in the Life!

Welcome to T.A.D.ay in the Life!
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Friday, December 02, 2005

Sickies!!! And a few Funnies!!!

Well, we woke up with a houseful of sickies today. They've been getting up SO early, and then are so tired a couple of hours later. So, knowing that everyone isn't feeling that great anyway, I tried to get them to sleep in a little. No luck. But as we were laying there, getting ready to get up (me and Abbey went in and laid on the boys floor) Dylan "ralphed" all over his bed.
We got up, and I was getting him cleaned up, and getting his bedding off. The whole time, Abbey kept saying "mom" and pointing to her mouth. I kept asking her "are you going to throw up?" and she'd tell me no! So, I kept doing what I was doing. Then I asked "did it make you sick to see Dylan throw up?" and she gagged.
Well, it didn't take long, and she went into the bathroom to throw up too!! Then Dylan again. Trevor in the meantime, had the big D.
About 10:30 we took a short nap. About an hour. Dave went to the doctor, and he has a major inner ear infection. SOOOO needless to say, we cancelled Hanging of the Greens tonight. I'm really bummed. BUT there are a lot of other people that are sick, or unable to make it for some reason. So, Sunday night, we are just all going to get together at the church to decorate.
ANYWAY, you know Abbey is sick, when she doesn't even want to eat supper. All she wanted to do was lay on the couch with a blanket, and watch a movie. I had to get her robe for her, because she kept complaining that she was cold. We all just chilled for a while. I told Abbey, "I need to take your temperature because I think you might have a fever." she said "I KNOW I have a fever." LOL But, actually, she didn't! WOOHOO
Another time, Trevor was once again, sitting on the potty. Sometimes he would feel like he had to go potty, and then nothing would happen. One of those times, I went in, andhe was just sitting there,and had his hand under him (on his bottom) I said "come on honey, don't just sit there if you don't need to go." and he told me "I'm just tickling my butt!" (Rolling on the Floor Laughing)
Later, I was rubbing Abbey and Dylan's backs, while in the rocking chair watching a Christmas video. I stopped rubbing for a minute, because my hands were tired. Dylan said "rub my back." and I'd rub.............then I'dstop. This happened a couple of times. Finally, about the third time, he said to me "Jesus wants you to rub my back."
WELL, if Jesus wants me to, who am I to not do it? LOL

I rubbed them both until 7pm, and we ALL five went to bed. So, here I am typing......gonna go to bed!!

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Shelley said...

Hi. I noticed on my sitemeter that you had visited my blog so I thought I'd come over to yours.

I do hope everyone is feeling much better very soon. Being sick is never fun.

God bless you all!