Welcome to T.A.D.ay in the Life!

Welcome to T.A.D.ay in the Life!
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Monday, December 26, 2005


Hey all. Sorry it's been a while. Especially, if you've been here looking for updates. ;)
Life has been extremely CRAZY. But Good.
It's the day after Christmas, and the kids are playing with all of their new toys. I've decided we already need a new cartridge for Kacey the Kinderbot!! ha ha, I'm getting tired of hearing the same thing over and over already!!
It was a good day. No, a great day. We got up (dave woke us up;) and opened presents, then went to church. I sang this morning, and while I did the trio decided they needed to be on stage too. (they are usually in the toddlers room, or this would probably happen more often;)
Anyway, while I was waiting for the song to start (we had a "newbie" running the sound) Dylan told everyone Merry Christmas, and that it was "Happy Birthday to Jesus."
Abbey came up with her new microphone (one of those cheapy echo things) and then Trevor. I noticed everyone looking really "awed" while I sang, but also noticed that it wasn't me they were looking at! ha ha
I saw out of the corner of my eye, and then was told after, that they all went over to the manger with baby Jesus, that was on the stage, and just knelt in front of it looking at the baby. Nobody touched him, or moved him, they just knelt there and looked at him. WOW. Afterward, when Wade got up to lead another song, he said "If you weren't even just a little bit touched by that, then something is wrong." Man, I'm proud of my babies!!!
We had the 'non-traditional' dinner of spaghetti and my homemade meatballs for lunch (at daddys request) and then all took a much needed nap.
The electricity went out tonight while the kids were playing with their new toys. So, we played Chutes and Ladders by candle light/flashlight and I taught the kids how to use their new walkie talkies. That was a hoot. ha ha It was a good day.

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Maggie Ann said...

That is so special...it touchs my heart just reading about it!