Welcome to T.A.D.ay in the Life!

Welcome to T.A.D.ay in the Life!
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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Evil Swings, Whizzing, and School

I'll start with the last one and work my way back. We started school yesterday. Today, we had such a good day. We worked on shapes, the number 1, we painted with blue, yellow and red, and just colored and had a story. Dylan especially did really well with his shapes. They all got them, but he seemed to get them really quick. I would draw one on the chalk board, then ask them where it was on their paper, and he pointed the right one out really quickly every time. They loved painting too. We're all enjoying school.
Ok, this is kinda a Dylan day. LOL, whizzing.......he said "mom, I have to pee." and I said "you gotta take a whizz?" I don't know where that came from, except that it was a word from my childhood growing up with 5 brothers!!
He just kinda looked at me funny. I said, ok, let's go to the potty so you can take a whizz!! He said "yeah, whizz"
When he finished, and was washing his hands, I said "you're such a good whizzer!! and he said "Mom! I not a Whizzer!!!" It just all struck me so funny.
Ok, the evil swing. Before dinner, me and the boys took showers. (I just wanted one, so they thought that was a cool idea too, and got in.) We all got clean clothes on, were feeling good, and me and the kids got in the van to go downtown to park, and then go for a walk along the river. We were having such good time. We picked up rocks, and leaves, andfound some feathers.
Dylan said it was the birds tail. He did this one other time, and shouted to a bird to"come back and get your tail!!!" LOL
We went and sat on one of the big swings at the river and was watching the birds and cranes. Those stupid swings need to have another bar in the back. Dylan fell right through. I picked him up and brushed him off, but didn'tnotice until a couple of minutes later, that he had a big ole lump on his head, and it was bleeding. We went back home, and put some ice on it. He held the ice on there like a good boy for a long time. He was back to running and yelling and playing in an hour or so. He told his brother "no, don't touch. Mom will show you." It was funny. He wanted to show it off, but not at his expense. Wanted to make sure I was the only one that touched it. I told them we'd go back tomorrow and walk again. I'm going to make a call and complain. I think another board should be put on the back. I was always afraid of that happening, and now it did!
Tomorrow is another day.................In the life of TAD. :)

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