Welcome to T.A.D.ay in the Life!

Welcome to T.A.D.ay in the Life!
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Thursday, July 07, 2005


Today we went to the zoo. It started out OK, not GREAT but OK.....I had a dr's appt. first,which was not the most pleasant moment. Then I was really hurting today, and SO tired. I was ready at one point, to just put the kids back in the car and go home. However, Lynn insisted pretty soon,that we all sit down, and she would go get us some lunch. So, between that rest, meal and some Darvocet, I started to feel much better.
So, on we went, and the day got better.
THEN, we went to see the Hippos. The kids were loving it. The hippos didn't let us down, they did in fact, poop in front of us as expected and anticipated. ha ha ha ha ha
As we were getting ready to leave the hippos to go see the elephants, Dylan was walking behind me, and going to our wagon. I turned to make sure he was still with me, and this lady with a baby in a carriage, whipped around at him and said "don't punch" as she proceeded to hit my son@!!!!##@%#$%@#%^@$%^@$ Let me tell you. I was a total momma bear. I said "Excuse Me. What do you think you're doing?" and she said "he was hitting the baby"
I said 'first of all, I doubt that, and second of all IF he did, you say something to me, his mother, you do NOT EVER hit my child!"
After I got the kids in the wagon, and saw that she had stepped in front of us as if to purposely be in our way, we ran over the backs of her feet!!! ha ha
I know that was pretty petty, but I'm thinking she got off good.
NOW, the story continues. I thought MAYBE Dylan did touch the baby,because that's what little boys do..They touch things. And Dylan seems to always be doing that. We neared the elephants, and I turned to talk to Lynn about it all,and say how absolutely ticked off I was. Another lady heard us, and said "I heard and saw it all, and your son NEVER EVER touched that baby."
OH, was I fuming then. She said he ran his finger along the carriage as he walked by, and never once touched that baby.
OH, did I want to go back in there, but I knew I would not be able to control myself. I was already boiling. This 'witness' told me she would have hit her had she been me. I really wish I would have.
If I had to do it over, I would have had someone watch her, and keep her there while I went to get security to kick her out of the zoo or something. How dare she?? RRRRRRRAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH
I pulled Dylan aside and told him that lady should NEVER have hit him, and that he's a very good boy, and mommy yelled at that lady, and she wont hit him again, cuz that wasn't nice. He just smiled and said "ok mommy."

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