Welcome to T.A.D.ay in the Life!

Welcome to T.A.D.ay in the Life!
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Friday, October 02, 2009

Jesus - Santa - and Growing Up.........

Over the last few years different people have tried to "ruin" the fun of Santa at Christmas. Now, my kids KNOW that Jesus is THE reason for Christmas. They will tell anyone that asks what Christmas is about that its because Jesus was born for us. But we also like Santa and have always done the Santa thing at Christmas. I've been part of conversations in which Im made to feel Im doing something "un Christian" by doing the "Santa Thing." The theory being tht if/when my kids learn that Santa is not real they may also think that I 'lied' to them about Jesus. First of all I say that's not giving Jesus much credit because belief in Him does not depend on Santa! Let me explain something......Jesus is REAL and Santa is not. Jesus' Holy Spirit bears witness to our spirit.....Santa is not real so cannot bear witness to anything. Jesus changes lives........Santa is not real so is not able to change people's lives for the better OR for the worse. My kids will know that Jesus is real regardless of Santas 'unrealness' because Jesus has done many miracles within our family and because they've asked Him into their hearts and He will show them that He's real.
Another thing that has been said to me and my kids - well from kids to kids in my presence is that "Santas dead!" "what? that's not true - mommy is Santa dead?" as I struggle to find words that aren't destructive the other parent says "Yes!" ok....not what I was looking for. Talk about aggravating! No matter what your convictions are about ANY topic you do NOT take the lead for someone elses children! EVER!!! I ended up telling them "He's dead for them but not for us" of course while I seethed inside, but at the time it worked. By the way it was said again by the same family and I told them to keep it to themselves and don't bring it up ever again!
Now, the day has come. Not long ago Trevor caught me under his pillow leaving money and taking his tooth, so they figured out that I am the tooth fairy. No Biggie. The other day Dylan said "Mommy I think YOU are Santa. Are you?" I was able to blow it off and avoid it for just a bit but today he asked me again in front of the other two. I fessed up and told them that Yes, daddy and I are Santa. I told them about the real St Nick and that he's why we still "pretend" Santa and that most little kids including ME (and I still love Jesus by the way) believe when we're kids and then we larn the story and its just something fun to play. Abbey and Dylan felt smart for figuring it out but I could tell Trevor was kinda bummed although he's already over it. I think I ws more sad than anything that that fun childish part of their lives is over. That I will never have that back. But!!!! And Listen Up! Its been ONE WEEK today since they learned that Santa is not real and they haven't ONCE asked me if that means that Jesus is not real. As a matter of fact - they still pray - still read their Bible stories with us and still BELIEVE!! And why? Because Jesus IS real and they just KNOW that. Because in our family He I not something we jut "play" but that we Believe and Follow DAILY!! Because he is PART of our home and lives and Santa was just something we........played!

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Kathy said...

Thanks for that Julie! You're insights on this topic are spot on, even though my kids are grown, I was thinking about this recently! So glad we did Santa and my kids never had a problem between the truth and legend!