Welcome to T.A.D.ay in the Life!

Welcome to T.A.D.ay in the Life!
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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


The kids all finally have their own Nintendo DS's. We had bought two over time, then for Christmas, Dylan got the new one, Trevor and Abbey each inherited the other two, plus they got new games and each got a carrying case for their DS.
Now everyone is happy................except mommy.
Now, I don't have "my own" DS!!!! I like to play too!
I actually have a game or two that only I play, and they know those are "mommy's games." However, one of them, I let them play, as long as they don't "save" when they are done. That way if they've done something that would ruin the game for me, it's not permanent, but yet they can still play and have fun. We all win! Right? WRONG!

Things were going well. They would play without saving, then I would play at night, get us to a new level, save it, then they'd get to play with the "new parts" of the game the next day, and then not save etc etc etc. This is how it all worked!

Well, I finally saved up enough points/game money whatever it is to do something BIG in the game, and was so proud of myself (yeah, I know, I'm regressing). I was pumped! The game was finally getting somewhere!

THEN it happened! I opened up the DS last night, turned on the game, and POOF all my money/points whatever was GONE! ALL GONE!!! And the animals on the farm that I have to take care of??? One dead, the rest were sick!!! WHAT HAPPENED!!!!

Dylan Happened! He neglected my animals, bought some useless things, and then SAVED IT! The ONE thing he was NOT supposed to do! It took me DAYS to get there! gggrrr, I was frustrated, but it's just a game, at least that's what I kept repeating to myself as I repeated everything I had been doing in the stinkin game for weeks!!!!!!

The next day I asked the kids "Ok, who did it!" "Not Me!" said Trevor,,,,,,"It wasn't me!" Said Abbey and I could tell by both of their faces that they not only knew what I was talking about without me even saying it, but they also knew WHO did "IT!"

I went to Dylan and asked him "Why did you do this son after I've told you time and time again NOT to!? I know it's just a game, but I told you not to do something, and you did it anyway! Why?"

And he said this "I just wanted you to have things, so I spent your game money! I did it for you!" THUD there went my heart.
But not for long. I went back to telling him basically "Thanks but no thanks!" LOL

Later he came to me and sat on my lap and said "Mommy, you really hurt my feelings." I asked him why, and he told me it was because he wanted to do something special for me and surprise me with the game, but that I just got mad about it."

I told him I was sorry, and that I was just upset becausse he did something I asked him NOT to do! I told him "It's all ok. Just please listen to mommy next time. I'm sorry for hurting your feelings. Thanks for doing nice things for me!"

And you know what that stinker said? "I don't know if sorry is going to work!!!!!"


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